The Coca Portfolio

September 19, 2013

"What , no coca marks for the first quarter for AJHS ? " may be a likely response to those who will receive the report cards this Parent - Teacher Meet-Up week.

Lest , we start entertaining thoughts that there may have been a lapse in the grading or worse, that the coca moderators felt that their members did not deserve a grade, you can be assured that the reason is far more justified that this.
The view of gradually shifting to a more relevant grading system for COCAs was idea long being considered given the very multifaceted ( as opposed to linear ) nature of COCAs. To add to this, the desire for the moderators to actually evaluate students more comprehensively, has often been constrained by the limited number of meetings in a quarter. This is most especially true for the first quarter where interruptions due to inclement weather are commonplace.
Given these  two compelling reasons, the AJHS is shifting to a semestral  COCA grading system rather than quarterly grading system.  And in place of the usual letter grades, the COCA program will be slowly introducing the COCA  Portfolio system . Student Portfolios are areas where students can showcase their work in a club, display their personal photos or essays, and chronicle their growth.  Moreover, the portfolio approach will encourage greater collaboration with team mates, teachers and parents. Hopefully this portfolio would be able provide a more holistic view of the students as a member of a club rather than a simplistic letter mark that does little in the way of acknowledging each student's uniqueness.
The moderators have started guiding our students through making portfolios and once the so called finished products are available , you'll be the first to know .