In Memoriam 2005

May 18, 2013
Arthur U. Pacheco GS'65 HS'70, December 31
Ariel A. Llanto Coll 2003, December 9
Parmenio Alexander G. Patacsil GS’92, December 7
Steve B. Ablan GS'69 HS'73 Col'77, December 6
Ramon R. Enriquez GS'58 HS'62, November 26
Ramon J. Siytangco, Jr. GS'52 HS'56, November 25
Felix R. Kho King Khiao HS'41, November 23
Manuel P. Santiago Col'61 LLB'65, November 23
Rodrigo O. Gonzalez GS'54 HS'58 Col'62, November 13
Angel G. Zamora GS'49 HS'53, November 10
Jaime Antonio L. Anson GS'72 HS'76 Col'80, November 9
Elisa Montiel Baja MA'55, November 7
Gualberto C. Vergara GS'56 HS'60, October 22
Tristan Vicente M. Cruz GS'63 HS'67 Col'71, October 13
Renato P. Almira Col'71, October 6
Othoniel V. Jimenez GS'47 HS'51 Col'55, September 20
Dennis S. Roldan GS'61, September 13
Gregorio T. Cuaresma Col'58, September 10
Juan C. Tan HS'39 AA'41, 2001 Lux-in-Domino Awardee, 1971 Ozanam Awardee, September 10
Honesto B. Adviento Sr. Col'53, LLB'56, September 6
Fr. Thomas R. Fitzpatrick, S.J. Former Vice President and University Treasurer, Vice President for the Professional Schools, Dean of the Graduate School of Business, University Physical Plant Administrator, Project Officer for the Relocation of the Professional Schools, August 27
Roman F. Mabanta, Jr. GS'38 HS'42, August 19
Victor M. Francisco GS'66 HS'70, August 8
Adrian V. Ocampo GS'48 HS'53 Col'57 2003–2005 AAA Board of Directors, August 5
Gil G. Martinez GS'59 HS'63 Col'67, August 2
Horacio Marcos V. Calo GS'56 HS'60 Col'65, July 25
Antonio A. Lazaro HS'49, July 5
Jose A. Quinto HS'54, July 5
Tomas V. Sevilla GS'64 HS'69 Col'73, June 27
Carmelito L. Montecillo GS'69 HS'73, 1999 AAA Board of Directors, Ateneo Golf Foundation member, June 23
Jocelyn Lee-Hellqvist Col'78, June 21
Lady-Ann O. Lao Col'96, June 16
Jose M. Leuterio, Jr. HS'62 Col'66, June 10
Alfredo L. Tanunliong Col'76, June 7
Noel T. Nery HS'54, June 5
Lionel T. Pengson GS'58 HS'62, June 2
Ricardo K. Bolipata Col'54 LLB'56, May 27
Luis Q. Tabora HS'42, May 26
Fr. Venancio S. Calpotura, S.J. GS'57 HS'61 Col'67 MA Psychology '73 MA Theology '77; Vice Superior Theologians, Loyola House of Studies; Consultant, Office for Mission & Identiry and Organizational Development, Ateneo de Manila University, May 21
Gerardo S. Lopez Col'85, May 15
Delfin R. Cruz HS'32 AA'36, May 9
Fr. Prudencio Macayan, S.J. Ateneo de Manila High School Math faculty from 1966 to 2003, May 8
Pascual R. Beltran Jr. HS'47 Col'49 Law'53, May 5
Ephraim V. Aranda HS'49, April 28
Guillermo M. Pesigan MA'80, Loyola Schools' English Department Faculty, April 16
Fr. Benigno A. Mayo, S.J. Superior of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus from 8 December 1970 to 7 December 1976, 2000 Ateneo Saint Ignatius Awardee, April 13
Teodoro C. Borlongan GS'70 HS'74 Col'78, April 11
Fr. Vicente A. San Juan, S.J. GS'32 HS'36 Col'40, April 10
Frank R. Hernandez HS'57 Col'61, April 8
Cherie U. Pe Col 2001, April 4
Antonio M. Lantin HS'48 Col'52, March 31
Ramon G. Dacudao Col'61, March 29
Nestor Hermelo Q. Lim GS'41 HS'47 Col'51, March 26
Alfonso O. Torre Col'37 Law'41 1999 Ateneo Heroes Honoree, March 23
Wilhelmina R. Casuela-Domingo Col'83, March 20
Enrico L. Gonzalez Law'90, March 16
Jose Enrico S. Halagueña GS'74, March 15
Grace W. Go Col'86, March 14
Ma. Julieta A. Roxas-Torrejon Col'81, March 7
Antonio L. Mapa Col'60, March 3
Roberto S. del Carmen GS'65 HS'69, Feb 27
Francis E. Garchitorena Col'58 Law'62, Feb 25
Mario M. Matute GS'64 HS'69, Feb 24
George R. Farolan GS'66 HS'71, Feb 19
Roberto H. Hernandez GS'51 HS'55 ABLaw'59, Feb 13
Vicente G. Hocson GS'54 HS'58 BSPS'62 LLB'66, Feb 10
Jemmel R. Mejillano BSBM'82, Feb 9
Antonio O. Gisbert Sr., M.D. GS'30 HS'34 AB'38, Feb 6
Carlos U. Nucum ABEco'68, Feb 6
Raul C. Fernandez HS'57, Feb 5
Manuel B. de Leon GS'28 HS'32 AAPL'34, Feb 4
Roberto R. Littaua BSME'59, Jan 29
Lawrence Luke D. Lising GS2001, Jan 24
Marvin U. Abing BSMIS2002, Jan 23
Alvin G. Ricafort HS'61, Jan 17
Serafin E. Garcia GS'63 HS'67, Jan 15
Ramonito V. Abarico ABPS'94 JD'98, Jan 4