In Memoriam 2008

May 18, 2013
Jose Ricardo L. Manapat GS'67 HS'71 Col'76, December 24
Vicente V. Ocampo GS’41 HS’47 Col’49, December 12
Augusto B. Bautista Jr. Col'54, December 6
Hector O. del Rosario HS'29 AA'31, November 26
Renato B. Dantes HS'70 Col'75, November 25
Miguel Francisco G. Dizon GS’98 HS 2002, November 18
Ruben M. Cleofe GS’63 HS’67 Col’71 LLB’77, November 15
Carlos J. Valdes GS'33 HS'37; AHS Class Representative, November 8
Walter S. Price III GS'63 HS'67, November 8
Noel J. Sumulong GS'65 HS'69 Col'73, November 3
Antonio A. Medran GS'61 HS'66, November 1
Ruth Diane V. Ferrer Col 2008, November 1
Conrado E. Puno GS’61 HS’65, October 27
Gabriel O. Bilog GS'69 HS'73 Col'77, October 25
Jose Ma. L. Borja GS'52 HS'56 Col'60, October 24
Jaime M. Quiray GS’58 HS’62 Col’66, October 11
Ricardo P. Tensuan LLB’42, October 8
Jose A. Cruz GS'74 HS'78 Col'82, October 6
Severiano C. Marcelo Jr. HS’75 Col’79, October 2
Gabriel Martin N. Doller GS 2002 HS 2006, September 23
Celestino Y. Palomo HS'42, September 22
Jose P. Alvendia GS’50 HS’54, September 18
Ferdinand V. Aquino Col’91, September 15
Francisco S. Favis GS’63 HS’67, September 11
Valente R. Raymundo Jr. GS’58 HS’62 Col’67, September 7
Conrado P. Banzon Col'42, August 15
Jose U. Montemayor HS'50 Col'54, July 30
Tina G. Castro Col'90, July 25
Francisco G. Rabat Col'57, Mati City Mayor, July 19
Fortunato J. Jayme III GS'67 HS'71 Col'75, July 19
Gilbert Roland G. Perez Col’81, July 16
Jose Antonio R. Sandejas GS'50 HS'54, July 9
Antonio G. Lopez Col'67, July 7
Ricardo T. Siguion Reyna HS'36, July 7
Alfredo L. Reyes GS'59 HS'63, July 1
Jose Lorenzo A. Tan GS'98 HS 2002 Col 2006, June 30
Raul V. Tiongson GS'71 HS'75 Col'79, June 16
Jose Paulo T. Ador HS 2000 Col 2004, June 13
Ernesto R. Gorospe Col'53, May 31
Angel S. Vargas GS'65 HS'69, May 22
Arturo F. Lopez GS'57 HS'61 Col'65, May 19
Mark L. Franco GS'92 HS'96 Col 2000, May 12
Enrique A. Claudio Col'36, May 12
Rene U. Velez HS'41, April 26
Tomas T. Paterno HS'48 Col'52, April 25
Rogelio S. Rodriguez HS'60, April 24
Raymundo T. Magdaluyo GS'57 HS'61 Col'65, April 22
Jose Miguel C. Aquino GS'89 HS'93 Col'97; former volleyball coach of the Ateneo de Manila High School, April 19
Eleanor P. Gonzales Col'87, April 14
Wilfrido M. Lumanlan Jr. GS'78 HS'82 Col'86, April 12
Gabino Apolonio M. Mendoza GS'70 HS'74, April 9
Conrado S. Suzara | HS 1950 | 4 April 2008
Daniel S. Estrada GS'64 HS'68, April 4
Rodolfo V. Siojo HS'48 Col'52, March 30
Myra V. Lopez Col'92 MBA 2002, March 29
Abigael E. Parong Col 2007, March 23
Naomi R. Ruiz MA'59; former Ateneo de Manila Grade School Guidance Counselor, Coordinator of the Child Development Center and Faculty of the Education Department, March 16
Roberto M. Selorio MA'76; Ateneo de Manila Grade School Faculty from 1950 to 1990, March 9
Juan Mario E. Sison GS'74 HS'78 Col'82, March 8
Gil C. Fernandez HS'52 Col'56 MHA 2000, March 7
Francis S. Roldan GS’61, February 27
John Julian M. Tan III GS'89 HS'93 Col'99, February 25
Feliberto S. Oliveros Jr. GS'50 HS'54, February 21
Jaime A. Zeñarosa GS'61 HS'65, February 8
Consuelo Maria M. Zamora Col’91 JD’95, February 7
Fr. Carlos H. Abesamis, SJ HS’50; entered the Society of Jesus on 20 June 1950 and ordained a priest on 25 July 1963, January 31
Berg L. Villapando GS'63, January 24
Felicito Q. Abiva GS'51 HS'55, January 21
Ricardo A. Calapatia HS'65, January 15
Manuel R. Singson HS'58 Col'62 Law'66, January 15
Fr. Eduardo P. Hontiveros, SJ GS'35, HS'39; entered the Society of Jesus in 1945; San Jose Seminary and Loyola School of Theology theology professor, formator and administrator; father of Filipino liturgical music, January 15