In Memoriam 2012

May 18, 2013
Nestor Quirino "Etoy" D. Gregorio Jr., Col'76, 1 December


Glicerio A. Elayda GS'71, 24 November
Roberto "Obet" C. Villegas HS'76, 24 November
Eleuterio "Teyet" M. Pascual Jr. HS'51, 20 November
Vincent "Vince" Luna Vital GS'82, 18 November
Jaime "Timmy" B. Albert GS'62 HS'66, 6 November
Ma. Stella Ordoñez Sison MBA 2010, 21 October
Eric Victor Albuero Antonio GS'75 HS'80, 15 October
Cesar "Chiqui" R. Xerez-Burgos III GS'62 HS'66 Col'70, 11 October
Egberto "Tito" Viray De la Fuente GS'53,  8 October
Fr. Ismael "Zulo" Zuloaga SJ (entered the Society on 14 September 1943 and was ordained a priest on 18 March 1957. He was the longest-serving Director of Xavier School (1965 to 1985) and Chairman of its Board of Trustees from 2005 to 2012), 8 October
Jose "Pepito" P. Hizon HS'49 Col'54, 25 September
Francis P. Treñas Col'80, 24 September
Pearl Palma Litan Col'82, 18 September
Ador B. Yan MD HS'49, 17 September
Cesar R. Singzon Col'73 Law'81, 15 September
Domingo "Doming" M. Matammu LLB'52, 14 September
Edmundo Jose "Ed" L. Monfort GS'71, 10 September
Arturo Natividad Aguila HS'62, 7 September
Cipriano "Cip" P. Maribojoc Ateneo de Manila Grade School Administrator from 1963 to 2005, 5 September
Canuto “Tito” S. Oreta HS’55, Malabon City Mayor, 3 September
Gerard "Gerry" Rixhon MA'71, former Professorial Lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, 1 September
Nicolas Perania Sonalan LLB'62, 23 August
Florentino "Boy" E. Santos GS'59 HS'63 Col'67, 26 August
Ruben P. Bonoan GS'52 HS'56 Col'61, 21 August
Joselito "Lito" M. Ybañez Col'83 Law'89, 16 August
Rodolfo "Rudy" S. Juan GS'49 HS'53, 13 August
Antonio C. Carag Col'49 Law'53, 2 August
Arthur C. Valles GS'61 HS'65, 2 August
Hector Ignacio "Apooch" O. Cordero Jr. GS'73 HS'77, 30 July
Juan "Johnny" G. Quintos HS'49, 26 July
Roberto "Bobot" Sison Sebastian GS'56 HS'60 Col'64, Secretary of Agriculture of the Republic of the Philippines from 1992 to 1996, 23 July
Mario Sison Sebastian GS'63 HS'67 Col'71, 11 July
Emmanuel Antonio "Wawel" Allarey Mercado Col'88, 11 July
Antonio "Tony" I. Romualdez GS'68 HS'72, 5 July
Carlos "Charlie" E. Valencia former Music teacher at the Ateneo de Manila Grade School from 1 July 1969 to 31 March 1998, 26 June
Ignacio "Ning" R. Ramos HS'48, 22 June
Luis "Louie" Wijangco Limgenco GS'56 HS'60 Col'65, 17 June
Zamiel "Zammy" D. Carlos GS'69 MBA'86, 14 June
Gabriel Anthony "Gabby" B. Gaskell Hs'85 Col'89, 12 June
Filomeno "Boy" S. Adao Col'67, 3 June
Teodoro "Teddy" Abogado Abilay MBA'87, 31 May
Ernesto "Macky" G. Barrios GS'62 HS'66 Col'71, 27 May
Jesus Raphael "Pie" Dator Santos GS 2006, HS 2010, 27 May
Rene C. Baltasar GS'60 HS'64, 23 May
Llorente "Lee" Cabrera Yarisantos, Jr. GS'66 HS'70, 23 May
Fr. James "Jim" T. Meehan, S.J., 21 May
Catherine "Karen" Hernandez-Montinola Col'82, 19 May
Charles Raeywen V. Nabas GS 2003 HS 2007, 19 May
Paolo Gerardo Bautista Mallari HS 2009, 13 May
Jose Rafael "Joey" Cojuangco Teopaco GS'78 HS'82, 9 May
Antonio Aquino Arcellana (Ateneo High School Teacher), 30 April
Victor Tantoco Vergara HS'54, 25 April
Demetrio "Demy" S. Camua Jr. HS'53 Col'57, 23 April
George "Jugie" D. Tan HS'78, 7 April
Jose Antonio "Dong" H. Ticzon GS'61 HS'65 Col'69, 30 March
Manuel "Manny" Q. Lim Jr. GS'42 HS'47 Col'51 MBA'59, 25 March
Manuel "Manny" C. Tan Jr. GS'60 HS'64, 22 March
Ramon Angel "Peque" G. Nakpil GS'68 HS'72 Col'76, 21 March
Arthur C. Cabrera GS'67 HS'71, 20 March
Winona "Nona"  Mojica Mayuga Col'83, 20 March
Cristino "Cris" O. Arroyo  Jr. Col'61 1994 Ateneo Sports Hall of Fame Awardee, 19 March
Alberto "Bert" Ylanan Belizario GS'64 HS'68, 12 March
Edgardo "Ed" Pasimio Olivares HS'50 Col'54, 12 March
Hilario "Larry" A. Marasigan Grade School Teacher from 1960 to 1989, Grade School Assistant Headmaster for Student Affairs from 1982 to 1988, BAP/GSB Program Cordinator from 1989 to 1996, and AGSB CCE & BAP Director from 1996 to 2005, 7 March
Josefino C. Molina GS'57 HS'61, 1 March
Carlos "Butch" A. Tanseco Jr. GS'57 HS'62 Col'66, 1 March
Jose Victor "Vic" V. Olaguera GS'68 HS'72 Col'77, 27 February
Emmanuel "Manny" J. Javier GS'49 HS'53, 23 February
Ramon Gamboa Hechanova GS'40, 19 February
Francis M. Zosa Law'59, 7 February
Alfredo "Fred" C. Cantoria HS'54 Col'59, 5 February
Eliseo "Chito" D. Siopongco Jr. HS'58, 1 February
Raul Victor Aguas Rodrigo HS'81 Col'85, 30 January
Federico "Rico" Syling GS'60 HS64 Col'68, 27 January
Honorable Ignacio "Iggy" T. Arroyo Jr. Ateneo de Manila GS'64, House of Representative 5th District, Negros Occidental, 26 January
Celso Y. Gaw HS'54 Col'58 Law'61, 24 January
Antonio "Tony" Perez Manahan HS'48, 20 January
Catherine Ruth "Tingting" Catalan Lanzona Col'82, 18 January
Placido "Do" R. Dimalanta GS'76 HS'81, 17 January
Fernando "Nanding" P. Hofileña, M.D. HS'37 Col'39, academician, administrator, pediatrician, child psychologist, writer and 2008 Lux-in-Domino awardee, 10 January
Ramon "Monching" Chaves Abaya GS'55 HS'59 Col'63, 9 January
Pablo D. Panlilio GS'28 HS'32, 4 January
Eleuterio G. Alikpala Jr. M.D. GS'39 HS'43, 3 January