We envision graduates who are not only skilled in the science and art of the law but also leaders imbued with a burning passion for justice and the desire to serve the nation for the greater glory of God.


The Ateneo Law School is a Filipino, Catholic, and Jesuit institution within the larger Ateneo de Manila University.

As a Filipino law school, we form lawyers who will identify and enrich Philippine culture and contribute to nation building through service of country and the global community.

As a Catholic law school, we inspire our students, following the teachings and examples of Christ, to devote their lives to the service of others, especially the poor and powerless, through the promotion of justice.

As a Jesuit law school, we seek the goals of a Jesuit liberal education through the harmonious development of moral and intellectual virtues. Imbued with the Ignatian spirit, we lead our students to see God in all things and to strive for the greater glory of God and the greater service of others.