Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program – The GLSI manages the LL.M. Program of the ALS.  It handles the application and admission processes for the program, provides academic advice to LL.M. students, and monitors their completion of course requirements.  It also coordinates with the chairpersons of the four LL.M. tracks for curriculum development, course requirements, and related matters.

Ateneo Law School Thesis Programs – Through its Director, GLSI supervises the thesis programs for the J.D. and LL.M.  It ensures that students are adequately prepared to write and defend their legal theses.  It also facilitates the thesis defense and coordinates with the Ateneo Professional Schools Library for the archiving of theses.

Academic Research – With the University’s goal of enhancing the research capacity of faculty members and students, GLSI assists faculty members in producing scholarly legal articles and ensures that students produce quality theses.  It coordinates with other units of the University to explore and undertake interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research initiatives on key issues and concerns, explore and encourage different discourse on certain topics, and supply the legal component on existing research.

Curriculum Development – GLSI assists the Office of the Dean in enhancing the J.D. and LL.M. curricula to make the curricula more responsive to the evolving needs of the legal profession.  To have a fully developed curricula and standardized syllabi for the J.D. and LL.M. courses, GLSI coordinates with and assists the various academic departments of the Law School for syllabi development or updating.  It also implements the J.D. Tracking System.

Academic Linkages – In line with the goal of exposing its law faculty and students to the global legal environment, GLSI facilitates the Law School’s academic relations and linkage programs with foreign and local educational institutions.  These partnerships aim at fostering student and faculty exchange, research collaboration, student internships, and joint faculty or student projects.  Recently concluded agreements are with the following universities: Kyushu University (Japan), University of Sydney (Australia), Coventry University (UK), University of Hawaii (US), and University of Malaga (Spain).