The Philippines is ranked 45 th (out of 93 countries) in Gender Empowerment in the World.
Although this is better compared to other developing countries, the reality is that there is still
inequality in terms of salaries and number of women in top leadership positions. Given that
literacy rates of Filipino women are overtaking that of Filipino men, why is this so? This session
seeks to understand the factors that may hinder women from becoming leaders in organizations
and suggests strategies that can be employed to empower women in the workplace.
Program Description:
Specifically, by the end of the learning session, participants will be able to:
1. Explain the factors that hinder women from becoming leaders in organizations
2. Analyze their own assumptions and beliefs about various cultures
3. Describe the similarities and differences in cultures
4. Identify norms for interacting with different national
5. Developing ways to cope with cross-cultural conflict or misunderstanding

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