Our assessment services are designed to support your organisation's employment and promotion process. 
We can likewise assist employees through our programs that are geared toward career planning and counselling. 
These services will be customised based on your organisation's specific needs and preferences. 
All our assessment and testing services aim to help organisations in attracting and retaining high-grade 
employees who can help maximize organisations' performance. 


Hiring the best applicants for the required roles in an organization can offer a competitive advantage. Using appropriate tools and strategies, we can help enhance accuracy of selection procedures to ensure that your organization recruits prospective employees who possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and personal factors.


Promoting employees based on their professional skills and abilities attracts and retains hard working and competent workers. It also fosters loyalty and good human relations that can improve organisational effectiveness. We can help your organisation systematise its promotion process using transparent and objective procedures that will ensure equal opportunities for all. 


Career planning and counseling encourages employees, growth and development by allowing them to define and match career goals and proficiencies with opportunities for fulfilment. We can assist your employees define life, career, abilities, and interests that can enhance their future value and provide them with professional direction.

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Development Complex,
Ateneo de Manila University    
local 5263 or 5264
Telefax: 8426-5931 


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