Organization Development

Our Organization Development and HR consulting services cover organization-wide initiatives such as organization diagnosis and strategic planning. We also help in identifying needed organization structure changes and employee competencies, as well as assist in developing and installing effective human resource systems. All services are geared towards helping organizations improve their performance, be strategic and sustainable.

Strategic Planning

We can facilitate in identifying your organization’s vision, mission and values; render strategic plans into SMART objectives for effective implementation and monitoring while grounding them on the organization’s current environment; clarify accountabilities to ensure achievement and collaboration; and translate these goals into concrete directions for all employees.

Competency Mapping and Assessment

We can assist in creating the organization’s core, leadership, and functional competencies with their corresponding behavioral indicators, as well as assess potential and current employees based on these competencies to determine strengths, performance gaps, and job match.
Culture Building

We can help articulate and sustain the organization’s identity and values through Ateneo CORD’s Culture-building Framework to renew employee commitment, reinforce desired behaviors, and create an environment that supports organization goals.

Design & Implementation of HR Systems

We can assist in developing competency-based Human Resource systems. Services include Job Analysis, development of Recruitment and Selection systems and Employee Policies Manual. We are especially adept at:

  • Performance Management

Assisting in developing an organization’s performance management system, which includes goal-setting, performance monitoring, and feedback, performance evaluation, developmental planning, and rewarding.

  • Talent Management

Helping an organization predict its employee talent requirements, profile the required competencies for vital positions, pick and place the best talents in the organization, prepare key talents to perform successfully, and set-up processes for monitoring, evaluating, and rewarding key talents’ performance, and providing them opportunities for further growth.

  • Succession Management

Assisting in the identification of possible successors, ensuring that the organization has experienced and capable employees to assume key positions as necessary.


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