Ateneo CORD is the premier research center on people management and known thought leader in organization research in the Philippines. Thus, it combines knowledge gained from rigorous local social scientific studies and global literature in providing research services to its clients.   
Currently, Ateneo CORD assists organizations in understanding what drives productive employee attitudes and behaviour such as job satisfaction, employee engagement and organization commitment. We offer customized research services to clients.

Organization Climate Survey

Working on the assumption that employees are the best source of information for company improvements, the organization climate survey seeks to understand the opinions and feelings of employees with various organization factors such as culture, direction, structure, systems and processes that affect their morale and commitment to the organization.

Job Satisfaction Survey

Studies have shown that satisfied employees are less likely to quit their jobs and deliver better performance at the workplace. The job satisfaction survey aims to determine factors that drive positive attitudes toward work. Results can be used in identifying priority areas where interventions may be targeted to promote satisfaction among employees.

Employee Engagement Survey
With the competitive nature of businesses, it is imperative to know what makes employees go the extra mile and do more for the organization. Our employee engagement survey identifies which aspect of an employees’ work and organizational experience leads to engagement. Companies will know what elements drive engagement and how to go about improving employee engagement in their workplace.

Our research and publications make us the country’s leader in building knowledge on human resource management. With our proven research tools and capabilities, we can help you gather the facts you need to make informed management decisions.


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