Basic Education

Profile of the ADMU-Basic Ed Graduate

The Ateneo de Manila Basic Education graduate is a young individual who was molded by Ignatian tradition and pedagogy into a future leader, a nation builder, and a catalyst of progress in the global community. 

Upon the student’s graduation from Basic Education, the student would have been formed into a person who:

·         is CHRIST-CENTERED;
·         is COMPETENT in all areas of one’s life;
·         has a well-formed CONSCIENCE, with the courage to defend what is right and to right what is wrong;
·         has COMPASSION for others, especially the poor and disadvantaged,
a compassion that leads to a life of service and work for justice and peace; and
·         lives out one’s COMMITMENT to God, and to society as a steward of creation. 
Per intercessionem Sanctae Virginis Mariae