AHS debaters Abis & Ventura win Ateneo Debate Camp title via rare tournament sweep!

May 06, 2013

Martin Abis (left) and Miguel Ventura.

Last 3-5 May 2013, the Ateneo de Manila High School Debaters put their skills to the test in the first tournament of the upcoming schoolyear. The Ateneo Debate Camp (ADC) was hosted by the Ateneo Debate Society of the Loyola Schools at the Ateneo de Manila University as both a series of seminars and workshops, as well as a competitive mini-tournament held in the British Parliamentary Format.

The Grand Finals exhibited the skill and prowess of the team, as three out of the four teams in the Grand Final were teams from the Ateneo High School. In the end, the team of Miguel Ventura (4A) and Martin Abis (4B) triumphed in a 9-0 unanimous decision before a panel of 9 judges. They debated the affirmative side of the motion, “This house would place an all-out ban on media coverage during hostage crises.” In addition, Miguel Ventura was also named Best Speaker Of The Finals. Ventura and Abis did an outstanding job throughout the tournament, breaking into the elimination rounds with a perfect record. Furthermore, in both the semifinals and finals, the team did not drop a single ballot, and won 3-0 in the semifinals, and 9-0 in the finals. This is known as a “Tournament Sweep” and is a very rare feat.

The runners-up of the tournament were the team of Poch Kalagayan (3A) and Miguel Guerrero (3A), and Matt San Pedro (4M 2013) and Carlos Tiu, an incoming freshman at the Ateneo High School.

The debaters also bagged several individual awards. Miguel Ventura was named 2nd Overall Best Speaker of the Tournament, Matt San Pedro as 5th Best, while Poch Kalagayan, Martin Abis, Rafa Lapira (3A), and France Santos (3A) tied as the 6th Best Speakers of the Tournament.

The team would also like to recognize the following for competing for the Ateneo High School: Incoming AHS Freshmen JC Cruz, Miguel Carnecer, Luigi Alcaneses, Renz Reyes, Nicky Solis, Ervin Grana, Tres Yap (3J), Chino Mendiola (3B), Rob Nazal (3G), Migui de la Cruz (3G), Mon Asuncion (3G), Adrian Padilla (3J), Derrick Ampil (3J), Luis Sia (4B 2013), Ryan Abis (4B 2013), Alfonso Opulencia (4B 2013), and JR Sta. Maria (4B 2013).

The team is currently preparing for the upcoming Asian Schools Debate Championship 2013 which will be held in the Philippines, and humbly asks the AHS community for prayers and support. The coaching staff of the AHS Debaters is comprised of Mahar Mangahas, Henry Fernando, Vince Barona, Daryl Isla, Nick Fortuna, Bas Claudio, Inah Robles, and Abbo Hernandez.