Ateneo HS is champ in badminton, basketball, chess and football in Jesuit Athletic Meet!

December 07, 2012
Paul Daza; Reported by Raul Albarece

Four Ateneo de Manila High School varsity sports teams – the AHS Badminton Team, AHS Basketball Team, AHS Chess Team, and AHS Football Team- emerged as champions in the recently-concluded Jesuit Athletic Meet (JAM) held in Zamboanga from November 27 to December 2.

The AHS students who played for the four champion teams are:


Nicole Clarence G. Filart (4D)
Antonio Joaquin R. Olaguer (4F)
Bryan Christopher C. Garrido (4J)


BASKETBALL (co-champions with Ateneo de Davao)

Javier Ricardo O. Consunji (4A)
Paolo Miguel B. Quiogue (4D)
Morgan Christian M. Acol (4G)
Miguel Luis M. Calilung (3B)
Ivan Michaelo I. Jose (3C)
Ferdinand C. Ravena III (3F)
Michael Joseph M. Nieto (2E)
Joseph Matthew M. Nieto (2F)
Jose Lorenzo B. Mendoza (1K)
Jonathan Patrick P. Jingco- manager (2E)


Jayson B. Estores (4F)
John Vincent C. Marcos (3K)
Ralph Nathaniel R. Manahan (3K)
Jett Adams C. Marcos (2B).


Jose Ignatius Mikael C. Soriano (4D)
Jose Roberto A. Andres (4F)
Marcus Jacob A. Moulic (4F)
Paolo Gabriel R. Alilam (4G)
Daniel Luis J. De Jesus (4G)
Nichiolas Marco R. Untalan (4G)
Miguel Antonio G. Almazan (4I)
Javier Augustine O. Gayoso (2J)
Timothy Caleb L. Perdigon (3G)
Christian Michael S. Castillo (3H)     
Julian Vincent A. Roxas (3I)
Jin Daniel A. Montemayor (3J)
Julio Rinaldo D. Nemeño (4I)

The Jesuit Athletic Meet (JAM) is an annual event where teams of athletes engaged in various sports from Jesuit schools all over the Philippines engage in friendly competition for several days, and was previously known as the Jesuit Invitational Games (JIGs). Aside from the Ateneo de Manila, the other schools which participated in JAM 2012  were Xavier School Cagayan, Ateneo de Davao, Sacred Heart/ Ateneo de Cebu, and Ateneo de Zamboanga, which also hosted the event on their campus.