AHS Freshmen Represent RP in Young Scientists Congress in Malaysia

March 20, 2014
From left: Peter Romero, Miko Perlata, EJ dela Cruz, Mr. Emman Delocado, Jed Lim, Kedrick Ong, and Marcy Lioanag
From left: Peter Romero, Miko Perlata, EJ dela Cruz, Mr. Emman Delocado, Jed Lim, Kedrick Ong, and Marcy Lioanag

Two science investigatory project groups from Ateneo High School qualified to be part of the Philippine delegation to the Search for Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation’s Young Scientists (SSYS) held in Penang, Malaysia.
Held last March 2 to 7, SSYS Regional Congress 2014 showcased investigatory projects of high school students from nine different southeast Asian countries. With the theme “Disaster Risk Reduction for Sustainable Development”, the said IP congress challenged the qualified participants to present their studies in front of the students and experts. In addition, the participants entertained students from Malaysian schools in their panel exhibit.
Miko Peralta, Marcy Lioanag, and Peter Romero (1H) presented their study entitled “Utilization of Recycled Aluminum Cans and Used Compacts Discs as an Alternative for Photovoltaic Cells in the Production of Cost-Effective Solar Panels”. The group explored the possibility of using recycled and disposable materials to serve as a precursor to homemade solar panels which can be useful during the aftermath of a disaster such as typhoon and earthquake. The brainchild of the project is their groupmate Jerald Ruaro.
Meanwhile, another group presented their study entitled “Antifungal Property of Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum frutescens) and Onion (Allium cepa) Extracts Against Aspergillus niger and A. flavus”. The group is composed of EJ Dela Cruz, Kedrick Ong, Jovi San Pedro, and Jed Lim (1C). The group tested two common plants that can be used to kill fungi which cause crop destruction and respiratory complications in humans. The group discovered that their extracts are comparable to the effect of commercially available anti-fungal drugs.
The panelists applauded the groups during the booth exhibit wherein they communicated the inspiration behind their studies, the hardships they faced, and the reflections they had throughout the entire experimentation. Students and teachers from other countries likewise were astonished by the AHS delegation for being young compared to grade 10-11 students from other schools. The research adviser of both groups is Mr. Emmanuel Delocado from the science subject area.
Photo credit: Mr. Emman Delocado and Miko Peralta (1H)