AHS is champion of UP Economics Summit Debate Competition

November 26, 2014
AHS Debaters; Photos courtesy of Lorenzo Lazaro

(from left) Lorenzo Lazaro (10A), Drico Ramiro (10A) and Nicky Solis (10B)
Ateneo High School Team A- comprised of Lorenzo Lazaro (10A), Drico Ramiro (10A) and Nicky Solis (10B)- emerged as champions of the debate competition of UP Diliman’s Economic Leadership Summit on November 22, 2014. AHS Team A went undefeated throughout the entire competition. In the grand finals, they competed against Makati Hope Christian School Team A on the unusually long motion, “In a parallel universe, there is a Planet X which resembles earth as it existed in the early days of humanity. Their human population faces a choice of implementing one of two political systems. This house, as the human population of Planet X, would choose Communism over Capitalism.” AHS A defended the Capitalist system and won the finals via unanimous decision. Ateneo High School Team B, comprised of Marcel De Lima (10A), Ervin Grana (10L), and JC Cruz (10L) reached the quarterfinals of the competition where they were unfortunately defeated by AHS Team A.
The champions won a cash prize, a trophy, and two tickets each to Manila Ocean Park.
The moderator of the team is Mrs. Czari Oliveros-Manlapaz of the English Subject Area. The team was prepared by the coaching staff of Mahar Abrera Mangahas, Henry Fernando, Isaac Lee, and Miguel Ventura.

The Economic Leadership Summit was held on November 8 and 22, 2014. It is the annual, premier project for high school students hosted by the University of the Philippines Diliman’s Economics Towards Consciousness (ETC) student organization. The summit consists of a variety of competitions in various fields—editorial writing, photojournalism, poster-making, extemporaneous speech, and the main event, the debate competition. The summit also included a series of workshops and seminars that participants were required to attend. Over one hundred students from more than 20 private and public high schools attended. 

The main event of UP Diliman’s annual Economic Leadership Summit is the debate competition. Over a hundred students from more than 20 public and private high schools participated.