AHS Debaters Sam Zabat (9G) & Hans Gonzalez (9M) Become First All-Freshman Champion Team & Deliver Econvergence Debate Competition Three-peat

February 24, 2015
AHS Debaters

AHS Debaters (from left) HANS GONZALEZ (9M) and SAM ZABAT (9G) won the Econvergence Debate championship last Feb. 21. In addition, SAM ZABAT also won the Best Speaker of the Finals award.
The Ateneo Debaters have won the Econvergence Intellectual Debate Encounter Competition for the third year in a row!
Last 21 February 2015, the Ateneo Debaters competed in the above competition hosted by the UP Los Baños Economic Society at the UP Los Baños campus. Econvergence is comprised of a series of events including a quiz bee, poster-making competition, essay writing competition, photo-essay competition, mini-documentary competition, impromptu speaking competition, and a convention for high school economics teachers. The main event, which all participants are required to watch, is the intellectual debate encounter, which is the final event that concludes the day. The theme that was shared by all of the events was the upcoming 2015 ASEAN Integration.
In front of an audience of students and teachers exceeding three hundred in number, some coming from as far as Visayas campuses, three Ateneo Debaters teams competed in the grand final of the debate competition. The motion for the grand finals was, “This house would make cash transfer programs (4 P’s) contingent on the availment of reproductive health care services.”
An all-freshman team made history by becoming the first of its kind to win a debate competition in the high school level in at least the last ten years. Sam Zabat (9G), awarded as the Best Speaker of the Finals, and Hans Gonzalez (9M) won the finals on a unanimous decision before a panel of judges. Silver medals were awarded to sophomores Carlos Tiu (10A) and Ervin Grana (10L), who came in second place in the final. Bronze medals were awarded to Lorenzo Lazaro (10A) and Nicky Solis (10B) who came in third. The last team in the final came in fourth place- a team of senior high school students from De La Salle Zobel.
The team was sponsored by the Christian Life Education (CLE) Department, under Mr. Noel Miranda, of the Ateneo High School. The team and its coaches extend their deepest and sincerest gratitude to the department for its unwavering support and generosity in the past years, without which none of these would have possible.
The moderator of the team is Mrs. Czari Oliveros-Manlapaz under the English subject area. The head coach of the team is Mr. Mahar Mangahas, and the team was accompanied by Mr. Henry Fernando during the competition.

Sophomores (from left) CARLOS TIU (10A) and ERVIN GRANA (10L) won silver medals at the Econvergence 2015 debate championship.Sophomores (from left) NICKY SOLIS (10B) and LORENZO LAZARO (10A) won bronze medals at Econvergence 2015.