AHS Debaters Win 4th IDeA Lite Championship In 5 Years

August 05, 2015
Luigi Alcañeses (A2017)

(From left) IDeA Lite 2015 champions Lorenzo Lazaro of 11-A and JC Cruz of 11-L. Cruz was also named Best Speaker of the Finals via unanimous decision.
As the debating season begins for SY 2015-2016, the Ateneo Debaters are off to a brilliant start. Last August 1-2, 2015, at Xavier School in San Juan City, the Ateneo de Manila High School Debaters won the prestigious Interschool Debaters Association (IDeA) Lite tournament yet again.  IDeA Lite is a competition exclusive for debaters who have yet to reach the break rounds in major competitions and is an opportunity to promote debate to a wider range of students regionally. AHS A, composed of Lorenzo Thomas M. Lazaro of 11-A & Juan Carlos M. Cruz of 11-L, won the championship on a consensus decision against teams from PAREF Southridge and Immaculate Concepcion Academy. Cruz was also awarded Best Speaker of the Finals on a unanimous decision. The motion was, Assuming feasibility, with the support of the international community, this house would  create an independent state for any and all refugees."

Other teams from AHS also performed very strongly overall, with AHS being the only school with four teams in the break rounds. AHS B, composed of Ron Edward B. Nadela & Alberto C. Tongson- both from 11-A- ranked first in the preliminary rounds with an undefeated record and advanced to the Quarterfinals. AHS D, comprising David Demetri Africa from 9-A & Matthew Noah M. Mercado from 9-F, broke 5th and advanced to the Quarterfinals as well. AHS C, composed of Riane Carlo C. Oquiza from 9-D & Nelson Matthew P. Tan from 9-A, broke 14th overall in the tournament and put up a good fight in the Quarterfinals. AHS E, composed of Vicente Marcel P. De Lima of 11-A & Ronald Benjamin C. Dy Quiangco of 9-A, also nearly broke short of a few points remaining.  The AHS Debaters also proved their skill with a number of individuals ranked among the Top 10 speakers of the tournament. Africa and Lazaro tied for 4th Best Speaker, while Nadela was named 2nd Best Speaker Overall. These individuals were all from different teams, showing that the entire AHS bench can compete with the best of other schools.

From left: David Africa (4th best speaker), JC Cruz (best speaker of the finals), Lorenzo Lazaro (4th best speaker), Red Nadela (2nd best speaker)

Significantly, this tournament marks the fourth time AHS has won the IDeA Lite championship in the past five years, allowing Lazaro & Cruz to join the ranks of Miguel Ventura (A2014) & Isaac Lee (D2014), Rafa Lapira & France Santos (A2015), and Enrique Gomez (K2014) & Josiah Encinas (F2015).

The team would finally like to humbly thank its coaches, Rafa Lapira, Isaac Lee, Martin Abis, and Miguel Ventura for their enduring support throughout IDeA Lite 2015. They are also deeply grateful for the support of their moderator, Mrs. Fe De Jesus, along with Student Activities Coordinator Ms. Kristine Valdellon, Associate Principal for Student  Affairs Mr. Ronan Capinding, Associate Principal for Academic Affairs Mrs. Ma. Jennifer Concepcion, and Principal Dr. Carmela C. Oracion for the endorsement from the school.