Alcañeses & Gonzalez Win 2nd Consecutive Debate Championship

August 18, 2015
AHS Debaters

Ateneo High School Debaters Luigi Alcaneses (11-A) and Hans Gonzalez (10-M) of AHS A were crowned as the grand champions of the high school division of the Ateneo Intervarsity (AIV) tournament on August 17, 2015. They defeated AHS B, comprised of Lorenzo Lazaro (11-A) and Ervin Grana (11-L), and teams from Xavier School and PAREF Woodrose in the grand finals. AHS A successfully opposed the motion, “This house regrets the rise of the automated workforce.” Alcañeses was declared as the unanimous Best Speaker of the Finals by a panel of 3 judges. AHS A was declared as the winner of the final round on a unanimous decision as well.
AIV champions Hans Gonzalez (left) and Luigi Alcañeses of AHS-A
It is worth noting that throughout six preliminary rounds, high school teams were not segregated from the rest of the competition. This means that high school teams often had to battle college debaters or even college graduates in preliminary rounds, depending on their seed and total points during a particular stage of the tournament.
AHS A was the only high school team that successfully qualified for the college elimination rounds as well, as it had scored enough points to compete among the final 32 college teams.
The victory of Alcañeses and Gonzalez also marks their second consecutive championship within a span of 10 days. Last August 7-9, Alcañeses and Gonzalez emerged as the Best High School Team at the La Salle Intervarsity (LSIV). In both LSIV and AIV, AHS A qualified for the college break, and Alcañeses was ranked as the highest scoring high school debater. It is the first time that a single high school team has won the high school divisions of both the Ateneo and La Salle Intervarsities, two of the largest and most prestigious debate events in the country.
Other Ateneo Debaters achieved noteworthy exploits during AIV as well. The team of Red Nadela (11-A) and JC Cruz (11-L) also qualified for the high school break, but were unfortunately eliminated by AHS A and AHS B in the semifinals. Drico Ramiro (11-A) and Paulo Valencia (11-N) were the only high school students in the competition who qualified to judge the college elimination rounds. Ramiro was even ranked and awarded as the 7th Best Adjudicator of the tournament. Marcel De Lima (11-A) also participated as an adjudicator and received considerably high marks.
The Ateneo Debate Society, official debate organization of the Loyola Schools, hosted the AIV from August 15-17, 2015. The AIV is a debate tournament that is open to any and all debate organizations from around the country. This year, debaters and judges from as far as Baguio, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro competed in what may have been the largest AIV on record. A total of 96 teams of 2 debaters each, 21 of which were high school teams, competed through six rounds of British Parliamentary Debating.
The Ateneo Debaters extend their thanks to their moderator, Mrs. Fe De Jesus of the English Department. They also express their sincere gratitude to Head Coach Mahar Abrera Mangahas, and their trainers for both LSIV and AIV: Rafa Lapira, Miguel Ventura, and Isaac Lee. Finally, the debaters also wish to thank Dr. Carmela C. Oracion, Principal of the Ateneo High School, and Ms. Kristine Valdellon, moderator of the Office of Student Activities, for the vital administrative support.