APSA issues memo on "Rough Play"

October 15, 2014
Ron Capinding

October 7, 2014

Memo to : All AHS Students (through the kindness of their Class Moderators)
From : the Associate Principal for Student Affairs
Subject : ROUGH PLAY

Sometimes an innocent playful act can lead to serious injuries, if not death. What you may pass off as a joke may be very offensive, injurious and/or dangerous to others.

Through this memo, the Office of the APSA intends to remind the whole AHS community that certain acts shall be construed as Physical Assault (p. 81 of the Student Handbook), which may result to disciplinary interventions ranging from One-Hour Post to Dismissal, plus payment for reparations.

Such acts include
a. slapping the back of the head (pagbatok)
b. punching the arm (or hitting any body part)
c. playing hazardous games like “10-second fights," “california knockout," etc.
d. dogpiling
e. grappling

Points One Can Reflect On:

• There are better and more creative means to release energy, such as sports, the arts or even working out in the gym.
• Always consider the possible outcomes of your actions. Besides serving corresponding disciplinary sanctions, imagine answering to the parents of the classmate that you injured while “playing around.”
• Let us be more concerned about each other’s safety. Let us also respect each other’s rights.
• Should you have any disagreement with anyone, remember that there is always a peaceful and gentlemanly way to settle and address it.
• Perhaps it’s now time to outgrow behaviors that are too aggressive and potentially harmful.