Carefree "Carrefour"

March 24, 2015
Paul Daza; Photos by Garry Baybay, Gian Fausto,


The AHS covered courts were transformed into a romantic French plaza (complete with cafés and other charming shops) for Carrefour, the Grade 11 promenade. “Carrefour” is defined by as “a crossroads/road junction or a public square, plaza or marketplace.” It was hosted by Rymer Tionloc (11-H), Eli Supit (11-C) and Maxene Villareal and featured performances by Dulaang Sibol, IndAK, Babu Dadap, No Direction, PromComm and Ryan Orias.

The following were the recipients of the Carrefour awards:
Best Promposal: Charles Cuerpo (11-I)
Stag of the Night: Tyrone Magpoc (11-M)
Best Dressed Female: Althea Mendoza (Miriam College High School)
Best Dressed Male: Marco Yap (11-F)
Most Fun Table: A4 (section 11-A)
Prom King & Queen: Gian Lao (11-O) & Marielle Montanido (Assumption Antipolo)

Stag of the Night: Tyrone Magpoc of 11-M

The winners of Most Fun Table, Table A4

Charles Cuerpo (2nd from left) won Best Promposal.

Prom King and Queen Gian Lao and Mariell Montanido