Grade 10 students learn about current trends in research via Science Symposium

June 30, 2014
Emmanuel Delocado; Photos by Ms. Kimberly Carrillo and Jego Yap (10-J)

Ms. Kimberly Carrillo shares her expertise at the symposium.
Last June 23, a Bioresearch Symposium and Networking session was organized by the Ateneo de Manila High School Science subject area. In coordination with the Biology Department of the Loyola Schools (LS-Bio), the symposium aimed to introduce grade 10 science enthusiasts to current trends in biological research.

Mr. Mesh Maini interacts with the grade 10 science enthusiasts during the Networking Session.LS-Bio faculty Mr. Mesh Maini and graduate assistants Ms. Kenken Lachica and Ms. Kimberly Carrillo shared their expertise and experiences with the students. More than detailing the current trends in fields such as botany, microbiology, and molecular biology, the speakers shared life lessons they learned along the way.

After their talks, the students were given a chance to interact and engage with the invited speakers in the Networking Session. The grade 10 students showed interest by approaching the speakers and asking them questions about their respective researches. The speakers also used the venue to share their motivations for pursuing the tough road to research.

The Bioresearch Symposium and Networking Session was organized to motivate and inspire the grade 10 students on their research projects. In addition, the symposium was After the talks, the students were given a chance to interact and engage with the speakers during the Networking Session.organized to contribute to the school’s internationalization and sustainability efforts. Aside from the Special Biology (10-S) students, several grade 10 students voluntarily attended the event to be inspired by the passionate speakers.