IndAK places 3rd in Skechers Street Dance Final Battle 2014

November 20, 2014
Paul Daza; Photos by Xernan Alfonso and Skechers Phillippines Twitter Page

Ateneo de Manila High School’s premier dance troupe, Indayog ng Atenistang Kabataan (IndAK), finished in 3rd place at the Skechers Street Dance Final Battle 10 high school division on the night of Saturday, November 15. La Salle Greenhills’ Airforce won 2nd place while Poveda’s Enciende was named champion of the prestigious dance competition, whose finals were held at the Mall of Asia Arena.
Dancing for IndAK at Skechers Street Dance 2014 were Arvin Rulloda (12B), Riel Geli (12K), Drx Ifurung (12C), AC Medina (12M), Paeng Pajaro (12F), Martin Perez (11B), Jason Go (12G), Chase Peralta (11F), Gio Martinez (12G), Carlos Dimailig (11O), Mike Perfecto (12H), Miko Planas (10-O), Jopon Mangalile (12I), Iñigo Navarrete (10C), Josh Llanto (12J), and Emannuel Mariazeta (9H).
IndAK's Skechers 2014 piece was choreographed by Xernan Guardiano Alfonso. IndAK is moderated by Jon Bada.

FRONT ROW:  Miko Planas (11O), Drx Ifurung (12C), Emannuel Mariazeta (9H), Arvin Rulloda (12B), Paeng Pajaro (12F), Mike Perfecto (12H), and Josh Llanto (12J). BACK ROW: Carlos Dimailig (11O), Iñigo Navarrete (10C), Jopon Mangalile (12I), Riel Geli (12K), AC Medina (12M), Gio Martinez (12G), Chase Peralta (11F), Jason Go (12G), and Martin Perez (11B).