Jayson S. Catindig of AJHS 10-M wins Gold Medal at Int'l Math Contest in Singapore

August 20, 2014
Paul Daza; Photos by Bojet Rabena & Mathematics Trainers Guild-Philippines

Jayson Dwight S. Catindig of 10M was one of 22 members of Team Philippines to win a gold medal at the 10th IMC held in Singapore. Photo by Bojet Rabena.Jayson Dwight S. Catindig of the Ateneo de Manila Junior High School class of 10-M was one of 22 Filipinos who won a gold medal at the recent Tenth International Mathematics Contest (IMC) held in Singapore. With a total medal haul of 155 medals, the Philippines placed second overall in the competition, which drew 1,000 participants from all over the world.
As reported by Rappler, the Philippine medal haul of 155 medals at the IMC consisted of 22 gold, 44 silver, and 89 bronze medals. With a total of 193 medals, China was first place overall while Indonesia was third with 92 medals.
Here is the list of gold medalists from the Philippines, as published by Rappler.com:

  • Jayson Dwight Catindig, Ateneo High School
  • Sedrick Scott Keh, Xavier School
  • Jose Ignacio Locsin, Philippine Science High School
  • Chryss Anika Bersabal, Colegio San Agustin, Makati
  • Anika Bettina Bonifacio, Mother Goose Special School System-Urdaneta
  • Hannah Denise Bacomo, De La Salle University Integrated School
  • Jedd Sebastian Abrigo, Notre Dame of Greater Manila
  • Rikka Grace Sombiro, Solomon Integrated School De Iloilo
  • Shawn Darren Chua, MGC New Life Christian Academy
  • Vanessa Ryanne Julio, Saint Jude Catholic School
  • Danela Kayla Maceda, Saint Jude Catholic School
  • Dominic Lawrence Bermudez, Notre Dame of Greater Manila
  • Lance Heinrich Lim, Saint Jude Catholic School
  • Trisha Danielle Sia, Chiang Kai Shek College
  • Jodi Marcia Arcadio, Notre Dame of Greater Manila
  • Justin Teng Soon Khoo, Learning Circle Academy
  • Gun Woo Lee, San Beda College Alabang
  • Vicente Raphael Chan, Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
  • Ryan Mark Shao, Xavier School
  • Sean Anderson Ty, Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
  • Mark Edward Gonzales, Saint Paul College of Makati
  • John Aries Ceazar Hingan, San Beda College Alabang

 The 10th IMC was held in Singapore from August 2-5, 2014.

The gold medalists of Team Philippines in the 2014 IMC awarding ceremony at Resorts World Sentosa. Jayson Catindig is the tall boy in the center. This photo is from Mathematics Trainers Guild-Philippines and was copied from Rappler.com.