Memo regarding new decisions related to the K-12 Reform

August 16, 2013
Fr. Anthony C. Pabayo, SJ

Memo to: The Basic Education Community
Re: Some  Decisions  Related to the K-12 Reform
This is to inform you that the University  President has approved  the following:
1. Grade 7 will be considered  the new entry level for the Ateneo de Manila High School effective  school year 2014-2015.
For Grade 6 students of the Ateneo Grade School,  procedures and rules on student promotion to the next level will apply.  Details regarding graduation and promotion to Grade 7 will be announced  later.
The application process and timetable will be published in a separate memo for Grade 6 students from other schools who may wish to come to the Ateneo de Manila for Grade 7.
2. The current levels in the AHS will be re-labeled as Grades 9 to 12 beginning school year 2014-2015 to be consistent with the rest of the schools in the country.
This means that the current Grade 8 students in the Ateneo Junior High School will proceed to Grade 9, the 1st year AHS students  will proceed to Grade 10, the 2nd year AHS students will proceed to Grade 11 and the 3rd year AHS students will proceed to Grade 12, subject to the satisfactory completion of all requirements for promotion to the next level.
I would like to thank everyone in the Basic Education community for the support and cooperation that have allowed us to achieve what we have accomplished so far in our implementation of the K-12 Reform. May the Lord continue to bless our endeavors.
In Christ,

Anthony C. Pabayo, SJ