Renz Reyes wins best speaker award at IDeA 1 debate tourney

September 30, 2015
Luigi Alcañeses (A2017); Photos by Kiko Mabagos and AHS Debaters

IDeA 1’s two best speakers (from left): Luigi Alcañeses (2nd best speaker) and Renz Reyes (1st best speaker)

The Ateneo de Manila High School Debaters showed their skills yet again in the First Interscholastic Debate Association (IDeA 1) invitational of the year last September 26-27, 2015 at the Colegio San Agustin High School in Makati. As part of the official three-tournament season leading to the IDeA Grands, the team performed spectacularly throughout the bench to kick off the year.

Three of the top five teams in the tournament were from the Ateneo High School (AHS). AHS A, composed of Luigi Anton S. Alcañeses (11A) and Raymond Rowell O. Reyes (11A), made it to the finals on an undefeated run with a perfect score of 9 points in the preliminary rounds as the top-seeded team. Along with them was AHS B, with Ervin F. Grana (11L) and Cesar Tomas T. Solis (11B) who reached the finals as the 3rd best team of the tournament. Both teams faced Xavier School and Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) in the final, where the team from Xavier won on the motion, “THW prefer a society in which people are content with their status to one in which they aspire social mobility.” AHS C, composed of Lorenzo Thomas M. Lazaro (11A) and Juan Carlos M. Cruz (11L), reached the quarterfinals as well as the 5th best team in the tournament at the highest of their bracket.

From these same teams were the awardees for the Top 10 Speakers of the Tournament, where AHS debaters comprised nearly half of the top 10. Reyes was named Best Speaker of the Tournament, and Alcañeses was right behind with the 2nd Best Speaker Award. Cruz was the 5th Best Speaker, while Grana and Lazaro tied at the 9th Best Speaker position. These points are eventually accumulated for the Best Speakers of the Year, and are sure to bring high hopes for the contingent.

Five of the top 10 best speakers at IDeA 1 were from AHS (from left): Renz Reyes, Luigi Alcañeses, JC Cruz, Lorenzo Lazaro, and Ervin Grana

A special congratulations goes to the newer members of the contingent, including AHS D, with Raphael Angelo D. Ramiro (11A) & David Demitri Africa (9A), and AHS E, comprised of Riane C. Oquiza (9D) & Nelson Matthew P. Tan (9A). Both teams gave their best effort, and showed to the rest of the community how even young members can compete at higher levels.

The team would especially like to thank its coaches Miguel Ventura (A2014), Isaac Lee (D2014), and  Rafa Lapira (A2015) for training the team for this tournament. It would also like to thank its moderator, Mrs. Fe De Jesus, Ms. Kristine Valdellon of the OSA, Mr. Ron Capinding of the APSA, Mrs. Jennifer Concepcion of the APAA, and Dr. Mel Oracion, AHS Principal, for their endless support of the team. May the team continue to debate all for the greater glory of God, through their guidance.