Symphonic Ensemble revives its year-end concert tradition with 'REVIVAL'

April 01, 2014
John Virgilio Afable Jr. of 1A; Photo by Sam Yucoco

After a 4-year absence, the Symphonic Ensemble (SE) once again showcased the talents of its members in a year-end concert. Entitled "Revival," SE's comeback concert took place in the Ateneo High School Music Room on March 21. The night began with "The Lord's Prayer" played on the flute by Angelo Ampil, an alumnus of Symphonic Ensemble. This was followed by a short message from Mr. Mark Santos, AHS Art Subject Area Coordinator. The show was hosted by the enthusiastic duo of Ryan Orias and Ivan Cruz, who kept the show alive with their hilarious jokes and pick-up lines. During the intermission, snacks and refreshments were provided. The show was a full house.
Various renditions of songs were played throughout the night. There were some popular songs like "Careless Whisper," "Safe and Sound," "All of Me," "Carry On" and "Let It Go." The song "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang" was even dedicated to those who were late. These were all performed by various SE members: Ivan Cruz (saxophone, piano, & flute), Ryan Orias (guitar, ukulele, & vocals), Jed Golez (violin), Caleb Macion (violin & cello), Aron Pineda (guitar), Paolo Munsayac (guitar), Kevin Castro (guitar), Koji Baui (piano), JV Afable (piano), Marco Valenciano (piano), CK Maglallan (saxophone), and Just Mosquera (cajon).
There were also some guests who performed. AHS faculty members Mr. Sam Yucoco (moderator of Symphonic Ensemble), Mr. Luke Jose, and Mr. Aljohn Flores sang "Ihip ng Hangin" as they were accompanied by some SE instrumentalists. The Maglallan family also went up on stage to perform "Narda,"  while some SE alumni also had a jazz number.

A few members also performed solo numbers. Marco Valenciano performed the classic, "Over the Rainbow" on the piano. CK Manglallan performed "How Did You Know" on the saxophone. Aron Pineda played the Titanic theme, "My Heart Will Go On" on the guitar. Ryan Orias sang "She Was Mine" while playing the guitar. JV Afable played a Japanese song, Kuusou Mesorogiwi, on the piano.

As the show neared its end, everyone gathered to play their final numbers. The final song was a lullaby composed by Ryan Orias and the encore was a mashup of "Skinny Love" and "Same Love."
Let us look forward to another great show next year!