Yeo, Tan and Mañalac score twin 1st place wins in DISCS competition!

March 13, 2015
Paul Daza and Victor Tañedo; Photo by Victor Tañedo

 (from left) Sir Heinrich Tan (11B), Kurt Mañalac (11C), and Alex Yeo (10G)
Last February 21, a troika of Ateneo de Manila High School students composed of Sir Heinrich Tan (11B), Kurt Mañalac (11C) and Alex Yeo (10G) won 1st place in not one but two events of the annual DISCS (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science) competition: the DISCS Programming Open and the DISCS Problem Solving Open. Organized by AdMU’s Department of Information Systems and Computer Science, the contest was held last February 21 at the computer labs of Faura Hall at the Loyola Schools.

For the high school division, 12 teams from five schools competed. These schools were Ateneo High School (AHS), Grace Christian College, Manila Science HS, St. Paul’s College Pasig and Xavier School. AHS fielded two teams: Team A consisting of Alex Yeo (10-G), Sir Heinrich Tan (11-B), and Kurt Mañalac (11-C), and Team B consisting of Cisco Ortega (10-A), Jelo Cordero (9-F), and PJ Montecillo (10-O).

AHS A won first place by solving two out of the five programming problems, while all the other teams were able to solve only one. These teams were ranked by the time it took them to solve the problem. While Xavier School won 1st runner up, AHS B won 2nd runner up.

For Alex Yeo of AHS Team A, the twin wins at DISCS 2015 were a back-to-back victory, because he was also part of the trio that won 1st place in the DISCS Programming Open in February 2014. Even more impressive is the fact that in the last two years, Alex has been the youngest member of the team.

For the 2015 competition, our boys were coached by Victor Tañedo.

Through the DISCS, the Ateneo de Manila University has produced some of the best computer scientists and competitive programmers in the country.