Ateneo partners with BPI Foundation anew for BPI Sinag Year 3

May 02, 2017

The Ateneo Center of Social Entrepreneurship (ACSEnt) and BPI Foundation are jointly launching BPI-Sinag, the annual contest for potential social enterprises by students.
Anna Marina A. Tan, ACSEnt Director, said “i'ts going to be the same format as last year, only this year we expect partner universities to step up to the challenge by fielding student teams that have more innovative and creative ideas, ready to face other student teams in the regional and national boot camps.”
BPI Sinag started as a business challenge offering mentorship and financial support for social enterprises but is expanding into a platform that aims to build an enlightened ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in the Philippines.
A key focus for this year will be to encourage these social enterprises to work towards wealth creation interventions for inclusive and sustainable growth as a means for poverty alleviation.
“The boot camps and competition will still be the key components of BPI Sinag. However, guided by what we have learned from BPI Sinag’s previous years, this year, we will introduce more in depth impact assessments, identify gaps or areas of improvement, and come up with documentation that can educate other social enterprises in the future,” said Fidelina Corcuera, BPI Foundation Executive Director. “In addition, we have lined up community support activities, foremost of which is an Investor Education Seminar, which aims to encourage both new and seasoned angel investors to consider including the social entrepreneurship space in their investment portfolios.” 
The first part of BPI-Sinag (being held in partnership with ACSEnt), will engage university students from all over the country who have ideas for potential social enterprises.
The second part, BPI Sinag Accelerate (in partnership with the Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Development or Bayan Academy), will reach out to social enterprises in operation for at least two years and are looking to accelerate their growth. This is open to registered businesses with special focus on agricultural, IP, and Mindanao communities and other under-served sectors all over the country.
Both BPI Sinag U and BPI Sinag Accelerate will offer their respective participants targeted mentorship programs through boot-camps, industry networks, and access to the appropriate financing options.
“With these activities and opportunities, we hope that the social enterprises born and incubated in BPI Sinag become successful businesses that offer quality products and services, maintain high functioning value chains, and consistently deliver healthy profit margins,” said Corcuera. “We also hope to see many of them not just cater to local customers, but eventually become competitive players in their respective industries, whether in the ASEAN or in the global market.”