Bachelor of Science in Management

The BS Management program is the largest program of the Ateneo de Manila University. The program is devoted to developing the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs by giving students not just the theoretical frameworks but also the practical business experience that will maximize the potential of their business’ success. This is done by creating a curriculum that highly focuses on the entrepreneurial and experiential courses that will expose students to every functional area of business that is needed for one to create his/her own business enterprise.
Program Learning Outcomes
As a member of the John Gokongwei School of Management, the Management Program has the following School level outcomes:
JGSOM 1: Develop a global perspective for use in nation building
JGSOM 2: Use interdisciplinary, analytical, and sustainable approaches to solving business problems
JGSOM 3: Use interdisciplinary, analytical, and sustainable approaches in creating innovative business models
JGSOM 4: Develop technical proficiency in their areas of business concentration or major
JGSOM 5: Show an understanding of how to exercise personal moral and ethical standards
JGSOM 6: Demonstrate an understanding of transformative service leadership principles
Over and above these program outcomes, and based on the Policies, Standards, and Guidelines of the BS Entrepreneurship program, the program outcomes of BS Management are as follows:
  1. Graduates should be able to set up a business
  2. Manage and operate a business
  3. Assume managerial position in the field Business Development, Corporate Planning, and other related positions in the corporate or public organizations or non-government organizations.

Contact Information
Alyson Yap
Program Director

Ruby Rizza Mandafe
Program Secretary


The B.S. Management program is devoted to developing the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs by giving students not just the theoretical frameworks but also the practical experience that will maximize their potential for future business success.

The program curriculum is designed to develop in our students the sort of entrepreneurial eye and attitude that will help them to see opportunities where other might see problems, to innovate where others might be contented to simply keep things the same, to say “I will do it” where others might be contented to simply wait for someone else to do it.

To achieve this, the major curriculum of the program is heavily project-oriented, with an emphasis on experiential and hands-on learning, rather than just classroom-based and textbook learning.

Over the four years of the program, students are given multiple opportunities to hone their business planning skills.

The centerpiece of the program is a culminating (and integrating) project where students are organized into micro-enterprise groups and tasked to actually run a business in their senior year. Many students have gone on to become entrepreneurs after graduation, with their senior year micro-enterprises serving as the take-off points for their business ventures.

By the time they graduate, we expect our students to have the requisite skills in each of the different business disciplines necessary to effectively and efficiently manage and lead any type of organization. More importantly, they should have the sort of entrepreneurial attitude and outlook that will help them to be effective change agents, innovators, and leaders, whether as founders of their own business ventures, or as managers in the largest multinational corporations.

The JGSOM Business Accelerator, or SOMBA program, as well as the JGSOM Student Enterprise Center, or JSEC, are just two of the most exciting experiential learning opportunities available to students who wish to pursue the entrepreneurial tract in earnest. 

The program seeks to maximize the student’s chance for entrepreneurial success through…

  • giving them the theoretical managerial tools,
  • exposing them to a global perspective,
  • providing them hands-on experience and
  • enhancing their networking and leadership opportunities

Our objective is to prepare our students to become leaders in their business field by developing an "enterprise perspective"; a wider outlook that understand the interconnectedness of individual functions of human resource, marketing, finance and operations. These subjects, strategic or functional, are taught by a faculty of successful experienced professionals and globally educated academics. We have designed a highly integrated cross-functional curriculum that culminates with a hands-on year-long project that requires our senior students to plan and fully implement an entrepreneurial venture.

BS Management is the largest undergraduate business program of the Ateneo. Through the four-year programme our students come to rely on each other for intellectual support. Together they learn to assess and take risks in order to meet individual and group goals. Through this high-engagement environment, our students inevitably build strong personal relationships with each other that develop on to a wide professional network after graduation.

Grade Requirements
  • at least 2.50 cumulative QPI
  • at least C in Ma 11/12 or Ma 19
  • If D in Ma 18, other subjects are reviewed
  • no grade lower than C in any SOM subjects taken already

Other Requirements

  • Shifting Application Form (please get from the program secretary)
  • Printed copy of grades from AISIS Online
  • Interview with Program Director

End of Sophomore Year: Minimum of 2.0 Major QPI for LAS 50, IT Elective, ACCT 115, LAS 20, LLAW 111, ACCT 126, DECSC 25, LAS 111, Statistics Elective.
End of 1st semester, Junior Year Minimum of 2.15 Major QPI for LAS 50, IT Elective, ACCT 115, LAS 20, LLAW 111, ACCT 126, DECSC 25, LAS 111, Statistics Elective, FINN 117, MKTG 112.03, OPMAN 120