B.S Management Honors Program

The Management Honors Program is an honors program that combines Ateneo's traditional strength in the liberal arts with a strong foundation in business management and the decision sciences to create a curriculum that prepares students to meet the challenges of leading modern, information and technology-intensive organizations. Courses cover all the functional areas of business and management, with a special focus on Entrepreneurship.
The program also allows students to take electives to gain further knowledge and skill in topics of personal interest. Management Honors students must hurdle rigorous academic standards in order to  complete the program. Student performance is evaluated semester-per-semester basis to determine compliance with strict retention requirements. The program produces highly motivated graduates who are holistic in their world view, highly analytical in their decision making, and prepared to assume leadership roles in the workplace.
Program Learning Outcomes
As a Center of Excellence for Entrepreneurship, the Management Honors Program will abide by the program outcomes stated in pages 3-4 of the CHED CMO 18, Series of 2017.
As a member of the John Gokongwei School of Management, the Management Program also has the following School level outcomes:
JGSOM 1: Develop a global perspective for use in nation building
JGSOM 2: Use interdisciplinary, analytical, and sustainable approaches to solving business problems
JGSOM 3: Use interdisciplinary, analytical, and sustainable approaches in creating innovative business models
JGSOM 4: Develop technical proficiency in their areas of business concentration or major
JGSOM 5: Show an understanding of how to exercise personal moral and ethical standards
JGSOM 6: Demonstrate an understanding of transformative service leadership principles
Over and above these program outcomes, the Management-Honors Program has the following additional Program outcomes.
Tthe program outcomes of BS Management are as follows (within 2 to 4 years):
  1. Apply transformative service leadership, with a global perspective, in setting up of new businesses and in generating more jobs through creation of new products / service that can scale up from local to global markets
  2. Assess the environmental sustainability and social responsibility impact of global businesses across geographic boundaries as it serves various market needs vis-à-vis operational efficiency and profitability targets of the businesses
  3. Implement human-centered decision making, such as organizational strategies, which is supported by technology applications, data analytics, and quantitative models to ensure the competitiveness and sustain the viability of the business
  4. Build social-impact businesses and manage the social network in providing opportunities for positive change involving all stakeholders
  5. Utilize ethical / moral foundation and systems thinking approach in providing solutions to multi-dimensional problems of the businesses and in building various communities of the world

Contact Information
Alice Ann Parlan
Program Director

Ruby Rizza Mandafe
Program Secretary

In 2004, the Ateneo Loyola Schools’ student publication, the Guidon, conducted an informal survey among the Loyola Schools students, asking them to identify “the most prestigious course” in the Ateneo. JGSOM’s BS Management-Honors  program, often referred to as the BMH program, came out on top of the heap, ranking 1st overall out of a total of over 40 different undergraduate programs offered by the Ateneo.
BMH is an Entrepreneurship program that relies heavily on an experiential learning framework in its approach to education. Thus, the curriculum emphasizes project work and hands-on exposure as a necessary complement to textbook learning and academic work, to create a richer, fuller, and more student-centered learning experience.
Students enrolled in the program will be exposed to all the basic functional areas of management, with a special focus on the needs of small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and family businesses. Because we believe that entrepreneurship is best learned through practice rather than just in theory, students will be given multiple opportunities to prepare business plans and to actually execute these plans over the four years of the program.
The curriculum is designed to develop in our students an eye for spotting opportunities and the entrepreneurial outlook that will move them to seize these opportunities as they become available, rather than to simply stand on the sidelines as mere spectators. This sort of eye and outlook will prove invaluable to them wherever their professional lives may take them, whether they start up their own entrepreneurial ventures, or go to work in multinational corporations.
The Honors program in management is open only to applicants who score in the top 10% of the Ateneo College Entrance Test. An excellent additional avenue for learning comes from being in a class made up of only highly-intelligent, highly motivated, and self-driven individuals.
The Management Honors program is able to attract many of the best undergraduate business students in the country because of the rigorous and exacting standards that only a few of the very best of our students have been able to meet.
Do you have what it takes to join this elite fraternity of some of the best and brightest graduates of the Ateneo?

Where are our Management-Honors Alumni?
-           Luis “Cito” Lorenzo(’79)
            former Secretary of Agriculture,
            Philippine National Government
-           Robert “Bobby” Wong(’81)
            Chief Executive Officer, Leslie Corporation
-           Rodolfo “Rudy” Ang(’83)
            Dean, John Gokongwei School of Management,
            Ateneo de Manila University
-           Ruffy Ko Pio(’85)
            President and Chief Operating Officer,
            Cibeles Insurance Corporation
-           Gabriel “Jay” Singson Jr.(’86)
            former Undersecretary of Finance,
            Philippine National Government
-           Milagros “Mila” Guerra-Lee(’87)
            Marketing Associate Director,
            Proctor and Gamble China
-           Lasse Holopainen(’89)
            President, Philippine Electricity
            Market Corporation
-           Jesse Teo(’93)
            Country Finance Manager,
            Proctor and Gamble Philippines, Inc.
-           Ma. Christina Barretto-Stormont(’96)
            Equity Research Analyst,
            Union Bank Switzerland (London)
-           Atty. Rodolfo Ma. Ponferrada Jr.(’97)
            1st Placer, 2001 Philippine Bar Exam
-           Shelly Yeh-Palma(’99)
            Management Consulting Associate,
            McKinsey & Co., (New York)
-           Don Lim (’03)
            Country Finance Manager for China
            Jollibee Group of Companies (Shanghai)
-           Hans Yao (’03)
            Entrepreneur, Adrenaline Sporting Goods

Required Major Subjects
Philippine Business and Economic Environment
Principles of Accounting
Introduction to Managerial Accounting
Cost Accounting
Business Statistics
 Essentials of Philippine Business Law
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
Organizational Communication
Organizational Behavior
Principles of Finance
Fundamentals of Production and Operations Management
Opportunity Seeking and Marketing Analysis
Small Business Consulting
Strategy Formulation
Strategy Implementation