MS in Management

Program Curriculum for MS in Management  

The Master of Science in Management consists of three (3) required courses, six (6) major courses,  three (3) electives, an integrated case study, and a thesis, with a total of 42 units.  

A. Required (core) Courses (3 x 3 units)  
The required (core) courses are required for all Master’s degree courses of the JGSOM (i.e., in  view of future degree programs). 

  • LAS 220: Principles of Strategic Management 
  • ECON 271: Applied Economics for Managers (pre-requisite: Basic/undergraduate Eco)
  • SOMGT 292: Research Methods (or any 3-unit research method course from Psychology,  Economics, Sociology-Anthropology, or Mathematics relevant to future research and  approved by the academic adviser)
B. Major Courses (6 x 3 units)  
The major courses define the specialization of the degree program. Please see the annexes for the  course descriptions. Outputs of these courses should contribute to the Thesis. 
  • LAS 211: Human Resource Management 
  • MKTG 211: Marketing Management
  • FINN 200: Financial Management
  • SOMGT 293: Quantitative Methods (or from Psychology or Sociology-Anthropology)
  • SOMGT 294: Qualitative Methods (or from Psychology or Sociology-Anthropology)
  • SOMGT 299.12: Research Report (Thesis Proposal: Problem, Review of Related  Literature, Methodology, Initial Studies; to be offered as an intensive course, ending with  a case presentation)
C. Electives (3 x 3 units)  
Three electives may be taken from JGSOM or other departments, upon the approval of the  adviser. Examples are found below: 
  • ACCT 241.60: Greenhouse Gas Reporting 
  • LAS 240.60: Corporate Sustainability
  • LAS 260: Business Ethics
  • LAS 240.61: Business Continuity, Sustainability and Innovation  LAS 214: Leadership and Management Communication
  • LAS 240.62: Business Negotiation for Sustainability
  • LLAW 223.03: Philippine Laws on Sustainability and Innovation  OPMAN 245: Supply Chain Management
  • Other 200-level courses from JGSOM, ES, Economics, Psychology, Sociology Anthropology, and DS with approval of academic adviser 
D. Integrative Case Study (0 units):  
This consists of a case study that will be presented to a panel.  

E. Proposal Defense (0 units)  

F. Thesis (6 units): SOMGT 299.1-SOMGT 299.2  

TOTAL: 42 units

Admission Requirements for MS in Management  

A. A bachelor's degree in any field from a recognized college or university with a general  undergraduate average of 85% or its equivalent  
B. Preferably two (2) years work experience  
C. Satisfactory score in the graduate school entrance examination  
D. Statement of qualification and recommendation from three references  
E. Personal essay that covers the following:  

1. Reasons for pursuing graduate studies at this time;  
2. Reasons for choosing this program of study,  
3. Personal qualities, abilities, which you feel will help you do well;  
4. Constraints and or difficulties you anticipate;  
5. Potential contribution to your profession and larger society; and  
6. Detailed statement of research problem and interests you wish to pursue in graduate  school.