Retention Requirements


  • 2.0 QPI for all the major subjects of JGSOM and the M.E. program at the end of the Freshman Year


  • A cumulative QPI of 2.25 for all the major subjects in the Freshman and Sophomore year at the end of the Sophomore year.


  • A cumulative QPI of 2.5 for all the major subjects from Freshman year until the 1st semester of Junior Year

Other Guidelines

  • A cumulative QPI of 2.5 at the end of each year up until the 1st semester of their junior year.
  • Except for LOA cases, a student who withdraws from any major course, or underloads in any semester during any of the screening periods from freshmen to the 1st semester of junior year will automatically be dropped from the program
  • A student is allowed only one (1) grade of “D” in any subject, whether major or non-major. A student may be dropped from the ME roster upon receipt of a second D. 
  • Any student who receives an “F” in any course, whether major subject or core curriculum, will be dropped from the program.  No appeals for students with an “F” will be accepted.
  • Appeals for students who do not meet the retention requirements stated in points A,B, D or F can only be done up until the end of the 1st semester, 2nd year to consider adjustment of the students. Strictly no appeals will be accepted at the end of 2nd semester of 2ndyear. 
  • A student who has low grades in any of the Mathematics related courses (Math and QMIT) are strongly advised to leave the program.
  • Should an ME student fail to meet the retention requirement, he is allowed to shift to any other program in JGSOM upon consideration by that program’s Program Director.  It is highly recommended that they shift into the B.S. Management Program so that they can still graduate on time, provided that they shift no later than the 1st Semester of their 2nd year.

Last updated: 3 September 2019