What is B.S ITE

The world of technology, especially information and communications technology (ICT), is inducing sweeping changes in the way people live, work, communicate, and entertain themselves. These changes create exciting new opportunities for aspiring young entrepreneurs.
The B.S. in Information Technology Entrepreneurship, or the I.T.E. program, is designed to create a structured and yet vibrant environment for students to become the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs, turning their I.T. based business ideas into actual start-up ventures. Who knows, your idea could become the Google or the Facebook success story of your generation!
The program curriculum begins with a strong foundation in I.T. fundamentals that will enable you to turn your I.T.-based product idea into a working prototype, and adds to this an overlay of management courses and a business incubation program that will help you to bring your product to market. Students who successfully complete the program will not be looking for new jobs when they graduate: they will be offering jobs to other young graduates looking to become part of the next-generation business success story!

What’s the Difference ?

  • B.S. Computer Science (CS) : Developing scientists who can write complex software systems and in the design and interconnection of computers. (Corporate)
  • B.S. Management Information Systems (MIS) : Developing professionals who can harness information technology to meet business objectives. (Corporate)
  • B.S.Communications Technology Management (CTM) : Developing managers for the communications industry, knowledgeable about the technology that is transforming the industry and comfortable with the creative processes that are generating its content. (Corporate)
  • B.S. Information Technology Entrepreneurship (ITE) : Developing the next generation of high-impact information and communications technology-based entrepreneurs. (Entrepreneurial)