In an inceasingly competitive global marketplace, it is important for managers and entrepreneurs not just to understand the markets that they serve, but to have a deeper appreciation of the products that they manufacture and the processes used to produce them.
The MAC program covers all major functional areas of both Management and Chemistry, to provide its graduates with a strong science and technology base that can provide them with a competitive edge, whether they go on to start up their own micro-venture or go to work for a major manufacturing concern.
Some of the products MAC students have developed
•           Alcogel hand sanitizer
•           Alcohol infused ice cream
•           Anti-flea pet spray from Limonene
•           Biodiesel
•           “Clear Whites”, whitening strips
•           “Coco Loco”, flavored virgin coconut oil
•           “Itch Gone”, anti-itch gel
•           “Liquiplast”, liquid bandages
•           Luminescent paint
•           “Palut”, the preserved balut
•           “Quick and Easy”, shoe wipes
•           “Suds”, soap pellets
•           “Sureseat”, toilet seat disinfectant
•           “Swipe”, erasable highlighting pen
•           Zero-nicotine cigarettes

Career Options for Our Graduates:
-           Academe
-           Brand Management
-           Entrepreneurship
-           Family Business Management
-           Financial Management
-           General Management,
            especially for companies that
            deal with chemistry-based
-           Management Consultancy
-           Marketing Management
-           Operations Management
-           Product Management
-           Product Research and
-           Production Management
-           Quality Control Management
-           Sales Management