Why B.S Management

The program seeks to maximize the student’s chance for entrepreneurial success through…

  • giving them the theoretical managerial tools,
  • exposing them to a global perspective,
  • providing them hands-on experience and
  • enhancing their networking and leadership opportunities

Our objective is to prepare our students to become leaders in their business field by developing an "enterprise perspective"; a wider outlook that understand the interconnectedness of individual functions of human resource, marketing, finance and operations. These subjects, strategic or functional, are taught by a faculty of successful experienced professionals and globally educated academics. We have designed a highly integrated cross-functional curriculum that culminates with a hands-on year-long project that requires our senior students to plan and fully implement an entrepreneurial venture.

BS Management is the largest undergraduate business program of the Ateneo. Through the four-year programme our students come to rely on each other for intellectual support. Together they learn to assess and take risks in order to meet individual and group goals. Through this high-engagement environment, our students inevitably build strong personal relationships with each other that develop on to a wide professional network after graduation.