Volume 1, No. 1   2007     (Php 100.00)

  • Class Act:  Using Theater Techniques in Teaching by Devi I. Paez
  • Why Are You Making Drama? by Rica Bolipata-Santos
  • Teacher Talk
  • 5 Tips for Making Presentable Presentations and Powerful

by Elbert Or

  • Learning from a Master: Onofre Pagsanghan on Drama
  • Teaching Drama in the Classroom by Missy Maramara

Volume 1, No. 2 2007 (Php 100.00)

  • Revisiting Student-Centered Pedagogy Preliminary Remarks Keynote Adress

 by Edna Z. Manlapaz, Ph.D

  • Grammar in the Real World:  ESL/EFL Context

by Marikit A. Uychoco and Ada Loredo

  • Teaching Listening and Speaking by Elineth Elizabeth L. Suarez
  • What Can Be Learned from Quickwriting? by Dr. Ma. Luz. C. Vilches
  • “M.U.” In the Literature Classroom:  Mutual Understanding in Teaching and Learning by Frances Paola G. Doplon
  • Teacher Talk

Volume 2, No. 1 2008 (Php (100.00)

  • Reading Texts:  Developing a Nation of Readers Keynote Address

by Nemah N. Hermosa, Ph.D.

  • Better Reading Through Teargas by Michael Ian Benedict P. Estipona
  • Can We Actually Race to be a First World Country in 20 Years?

by Anna Cristina L. Rojas

  • Big Dreams:  Sa Aklat Sisikat by Rica Bolipata Santos
  • Rising from the east:  Reading and Teaching Philippine Poetry in English in the Literature Classroom by Devi I. Paez

Volume 2, No. 2 2008 (Php 100.00)

  • A Seminar is Born by Ada Javellano Loredo
  • Helping Learners Think for Themselves:  A Task-Based Approach to Teaching Critical Writing by Maria Luz Elena Canilao
  • The Language of Essay Questions in Philippine ELT:  A Preliminary View

by Cheche A. Suarez

  • The Digital Blockage:  Investing the Lack of Internet Use in English Language Classrooms by Tamas Kiss

Volume 3, No. 1 2009 (Php 100.00)

  • Error?  Or Feature of English?  Assessment in the Context of a Changing Language by Isabel Pefianco Martin
  • Testing our Tests:  Issues on Language Assessment  by Devi I. Paez
  • What You Say Matters ---More so When You Write It by Lara Katrina T. Mendoza
  • Making Sure the Undergrad Thesis has a Thesis (and other Concerns of a Panel Member) by Alona U. Guevarra

Volume 3, No. 2 2009 (Php 100.00)

  • Follow the Leader:  Learning Language and Accountability the fun way

 by Fely Rose Manaois

  • Responding to Distinct Prewriting Activities by Larcy C. Abello
  • To Think or Not to Think:  A Teacher’s Dilemma in Drawing Out Students from Oblivion by Elma Marie H. Miller
  • They Actually Read a Book! Motivating Resistant Adolescent Readers To Engage in Literary Reading by Margarita Felipe-Fajardo
  • Promoting Learner Participation Through Recitation Chips in The ELT Classroom by Paolo Niño M. Valdez

Volume 4, No. 1 2010 (Php 100.00)

  • Communication Competency and the Classroom by Mark Vincent Escaler
  • A Formula for Public Speaking Success by Fely Rose V. Escaler
  • Improving Thinking and Talking Through Academic Debate

by Matthew M. Nepomuceno

  • Teaching Speaking and Listening in the Age of Globalization: Preliminary Insights on the Hidden Curriculum in ESP

By Paolo Niño Valdez and Jan Micah Stephen Bayhon

  • The Velveteen Rabbit by Edna Z. Manlapaz
  • All Will Be Well by Maria Luz C. Vilches
  • Teachers Club Updates

Volume 4, No 2 2010 (Php 100.00)

  • Passion and Compassion in Teaching:  The “Heart” of Motivating and Inspiring Learners by Maria Elena N. Camilao
  • Me? A Teacher? No Way! In Memory of My Mom by Elma Marie Heredia-Miller
  • Prototype Lessons on Macbeth and Merchant of Venice Using a Constructivist Learning Design (CLD) by Ma. Joahna S. Amante
  • Shaping Meanings in the Literature Classroom:  A Discussion of the Teaching -Learning Situation in a Literature Classroom by Devi Benedicte I. Paez 
  • A Lesson Plan to Teach Listening by Ma. Elaine A. Lapuz

Volume 5, No. 1 2011 (Php 100.00)

  • Editorial by Ana Marie O. Fernandez
  • Guest Editor’s Introduction by Jonathan Chua
  • Mang Ben Seventy-Five Years ago by Isagani R. Cruz, Ph.D
  • On The Short Fiction of Linda Ty-Casper: Faithful Witnessing

by Carolina A. Nuñez, Ph.D.

  • A Misunderstood Nationalism: Re-Reading Nick Joaquin

by Fernando N. Zialcita, Ph.D.

  • Estrella Alfon: Magnificent Woman by Rica Bolipata-Santos

Volume 5, No. 2 2011 (Php 100.00)

  • Development of Prototype Understanding by Design Unit Plans in Communication Arts in English by Allan B. De Guzman, Mikhail Alic C. Go,

Noel V. Gomez, Patricia Venus M. Legarda, Junart Kim S. Nieva,
Kevin C. Quitzon, and Lourence T. Tarriela

  • Rihanna And Ne-Yo in Poetry Class: A Ubdized Lesson Plan

by Aileen C. Bautista

  • Reflecting on the 6 Facets of Understanding and Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle

By Michael B. Diezmos

  • Understanding “Understanding by Design” Some Critical Reflections

by Louie Jon A. Sanchez

  • Teachers Club Updates

Volume 6, No. 1 2012 (Php 100.00)

  • Reflection Paper: Models for Non-Native Englishes by Jose Maria Ezpleta
  • Raising Postcolonial “Voice” Through Philippine Contemporary Historical Novels in English by Kornellie Lorenzo Raquitico
  • What Types of Questions Do Students Ask That Develop Critical Thinking?

by Elma Marie Heredia-Raquitico

  • Teaching Grammar More Meaningfully to Science High Science High School Students by John Daryl B. Wyson

Volume 6, No. 2 2012 (Php 100.00)

  • Reflections on Reading Logs in the Tertiary English Classroom: Five Liberating Potentials and a few Caveats by Neslie Carol Tan
  • Reflective Teaching and the Communicative Approach in an EFL Classroom

by Kristina Isabelle Umali Dichoso

  • The First Question or the Literature Classroom in the Age of Facebook

by Miguel Antonio Lizada

  • Teachers Club Update: Hornby Report Documented by Manuel Are, Cecilia Jocson and Elineth Elizabeth Suarez

Volume 7, No. 1 2013 (Php 100.00)

  • English and Englishes in the Philippines: A World Englishes Approach to Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTBMLE)

by Isabel Pefianco Martin

  • Teaching The Marco Skills and Computer Assisted Language Learning: Insights from recent Research  by Lindsey N. Tan & Adrienne Victoria M. Zaballero
  • Assessing College Students’ English Research Writing Anxiety

by Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio

  • “English Speaking, You Know”? Analyzing the Pacman’s Language Attitude and its Relevance to Language Teaching in the 21st Century

by Devi Benedicte I. Paez
Volume 7, No. 2 2013 (Php 100.00)

  • Finding Non-Native English Literatures’ Place in K to 12 High School English Classes by Kornellie L. Raquitico
  • Approaching the Concept of Death as Presented in Selected Philippine Short Stories in Grade 7 English Class by Kathleen A. Teaño
  • Cross-Fertilizing Original and Simplifies Literary Texts by Julius C. Martinez
  • A Lesson Plan in Teaching Formal Silent Reading by Karen B. Villanueva

Volume 8, No. 1 2014 (Php 200.00)

  • The Incredible Feel of Things: Making Sense of the Art of Poetry

by Danilo Francisco M. Reyes

  • Grammar of Representation in Break, Break, Break by Aireen L. Barrios
  • Contextualizing South East Asia: Reading and Teaching Southeast Asian Literature by Jose Mari Cuartero
  • Teaching Ideas

Volume 9 2015 ( Php 200.00)

  • Orchestrating A Pedagogy of Negotiated Voice  by Julius C. Martinez
  • Writing as Thinking: Piloting a New University Composition Course

by Marikit Tara Alto Uychoco

  • The Role of First Language in the Prewriting Stage for Second Language Writing in the Multilingual Classroom by Franco B. Mortel
  • Sharing Authority with the Teacher: Students’ Perceptions and use of Peer Response in Revising their Writing by Jacqueline V. Franquelli
  • The Functional Analysis of English Lexical  Bundles in Academic Essays Written by Tertiary Students: Its Pedagogical Implications by Rey John C. Villanueva
  • Assessing Writing in the Classroom: Issues on Validity and Reliability

by Elineth Elizabeth Suarez

  • TOEFL and IELTS Writing: Passport to Success? By Lyster Tiston-Ramos
  • Teaching Ideas

Volume 10 2016 (Php 200.00)

  • An Action Research on Using Concept Mapping in Differentiated Instruction to Improve Students’ Writing Content by Juan Oliver S. Ofracio
  • Using Peer Review with Filipino High School Students in Improving Their Thesis Statements by Katherine Bangalan-Arkaina and Arianne Lao
  • Deriving Meaning through Context in Poetry by Anna Oblepeias
  • Lesson Tittle: Think Before You Click: Evaluating Online Sources for Student Research by Frances Doplon Perez
  • Using the Prep Method in Expressing Opinions in the EFL/ESL Classroom

by Aira Basa

  • Appreciating Literature Through Performance-Based Assessment

by Ma. Theresa F. Navales
Volume 11 2017 (Php 200.00)

  • Pedagogy of the Engaged by Rogelio P. Panuelos
  • The Literature Teacher: Much Ado About Everything by Maria Oryza Martinez

Teaching Ideas

  • Desti/Nation: Teaching A Philippine Poem in English by Danton R. Remoto
  • Lesson Plan for Grade 8 Students of Mariano Marcos State University, Laoag City by John Paul Valiente

Literary Corner

  • Self-Reliance by Charlie Samuya Veric
  • Letter from the Editor: Poems Aren’t fro Sundays by Lawrence Lacambra Ypil
  • Salingkit by Cyan Abad-Jugo

Volume 12 2018 (Php 200.00)

  • Will the Study of Literature Survive into the Next Century?

by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo, Ph.D.

  • Cultural Perspectives in Teaching 21st Century Writing

by Danilo Francisco M. Reyes

  • Embracing Literature by Aubrey Tong

Teaching Ideas

  • Using Approaches to Learning (ATL) as a Framework for Teaching Literature to Non-IB Students by John Daryl B. Wyson

Vol. 13 2019 (Php 200.00)

  • Lessons on Empathy: Planting the Seeds of Positive Social Change through Children's Literature
    By Jacqueline V. Franquelli
  • Engaging the Kinesthetic Learners in a Literature Class
    by Lorna Arejola-Billanes

Teaching Ideas

  • Teaching Greek Literature “Arachne” Using Informational Text and Digital Literacy in the 21st Century Classroom
    by Karen B. Villanueva

Book Review

  • A Review of Merlinda Bobis’ Banana Heart Summer
    by Kevin Michael S. Angelo