The Department of English is a leading center of higher learning in language, literary, and cultural studies in the Asia-Pacific that advances scholarly expertise and the production of Filipino writing in English; cultivates pedagogical, scholarly, cultural, and creative spaces; and enables critical global citizens through empowering contexts of literacy.

Through teaching, research, creative works, and community service, the department

  • Delivers core and advanced courses on the macro-skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening;

  • Fosters a distinct learning environment where affective dimensions in language and literature inspire critical thought, proficient expression, and responsible citizenship;

  • Hones disciplinal expertise in English language studies and in literary and cultural studies;

  • Advances pioneering practices in language, literary, and cultural studies that enable Filipino and Asian forms of engagement with the world;

  • Situates learners in evolving contexts that lead to empowered literacy; and

  • Deepens learner-capacity for productive, flexible, and sustained dialogue and action.