Course Offerings: MA Literary and Cultural Studies

Graduate Level Courses
ENLIT 201   Methods of Literary and Cultural Research
An introduction to graduate literary research, criticism, and general scholarship. The study of scholarly resources, techniques, bibliography, methods, scholarly publishing, text editing, library use, fieldwork, textual criticism, theory of literary research and stylistic analysis, as they pertain to scholarship.
ENLIT 202   Literary Theory and Cultural Research
An introduction to the history of the basic issues in literary theory and criticism from the Greeks to the present. Provides a historical outline of the concerns in literary studies such as the problematic of the category of “Literature,” its function and nature, literary explication, textual interpretation and evaluation, modes of representation, Canon formation, and the social and institutional forces that constitute the development of the “literary establishment.” 
ENLIT 203   The Development of Poetry
This is a reading course on representative poets and their selected poems. In particular, the course aims to establish a historico-literary outline of the developments in poetry in relation to form, language, and poetry’s function as a mode for articulating philosophical themes. This course will also explore how the lively, imaginative practice of poetry through the ages has allowed poets to participate in a continuing critical debate about fundamental issues in poetics and the various theories of poetry.
ENLIT 204   The Development of Drama                      
An introduction to playwrights and representative plays from Classical Antiquity to the Contemporary era. Works by the likes of Sophocles, Kiyotsugu, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Moliere, Ibsen, Shaw, Beckett, Duras, and David Henry Huang will be discussed, taking into account the theatrical and symbolic aspects of their plays.
ENLIT 205   The Development of Fiction                       
This is a reading course on representative fictionists and their selected novels and short stories. The course presents a historico-literary survey of major issues in fiction studies as well as the fundamental debates, arguments, problems, and achievements in this genre. The reading survey aims to enhance the theoretical part of the course and provides the students with a lively reading experience illustrating how major themes in the history of ideas are treated creatively in fiction.
ENLIT 206   Survey of Philippine Literatures
An introduction to Philippine Literature and literary scholarship. Provides an overview of the historical development of Philippine literature, covering representative texts of periods, movements and issues. Introduces the students to the various fields of research, areas of study and range of scholarship in Philippine literature.

ENLIT 207   Cultural Studies II: Texts and Textuality

This course studies “texts” (both traditional literary genres and cultural/textual forms like TV, performances, events, etc.). It examines them as cultural practices which construct/constitute meaning. It questions “textuality” or the presumed degree of stability that enables signification.
ENLIT 208   Cultural Studies III: Texts and Contexts                               
This course studies texts as a social field, rather than as an autonomous object of inquiry. It focuses on discursive practices as generated by differences in a complex field of contestation in which issues from textual and contextual relationships challenge and negotiate significance(s) for ascendancy.