Jacobo, Jaya (PhD)

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+63 2 426 6001 local 5320-5321
J. Pilapil Jacobo was born and raised in the City of Naga. In 1998, he entered the Ateneo de Manila University, where he graduated five years after, with an A.B.-M.A. in Filipino Literature. A Fulbright Scholarship allowed him to study at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature in 2011. His early critical work is a Foucauldian archaeology of Modesto de Castro’s epistolary novel Urbana at Feliza (1863), while his current theoretical engagement is the cusp between the trope and the tropics. As a member of the Film Desk of the Young Critics Circle, he reviews contemporary Philippine Cinema. He is a poet in two Philippine languages: Filipino and Bikol. Forthcoming scholarly involvements include a monograph on tropicality and catastrophe, another on Bikol verse, an anthology of Bikol prose (co-edited with Kristian Sendon Cordero), and a compendium of criticism from the second decade (2000-2009) of the Film Desk of the Young Critics Circle. At the Kagawaran ng Filipino, he directs the graduate program in Literature. He also teaches theory and criticism at the Department of English.
Ph.D. Comparative Literature
State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA
August 2011
M. A. Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA
May 2010
M. A. Filipino Literature
Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
October 2003
A. B. Filipino Literature
Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
March 2002
Areas of Specialization: 

Trans Studies

Courses Taught: 

Fil 11: Sining ng Pakikipagtalastasan sa Filipino I
Fil 12: Sining ng Pakikipagtalastasan sa Filipino II
Fil 14: Panitikan ng Pilipinas
Fil 104/Fil 202: Kritisismong Pampanitikan sa Pilipinas
Fil 105/201: Teoriya at Kritisismong Pampanitikan
Fil 108.3/208.3: Araling Kritikal: Feminisimo sa Panitikang Filipino
Fil 111.2/211.2: Kulturang Popular: Panitikan at Pelikulang Filipino
Fil 200: Pamaraan ng Pananaliksik na Pampanitikan
Lit 112.1: Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism I
Lit 193.17/223: Text and Context
Lit 193.24/222: Text and Textuality
Lit 286/386: Modern Literature: Tropical Modernism

Research Interest: 

Comparative Literature
Gender Studies


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Creative Work: 

Jacobo, J. Pilapil.  “Rapsodas Bicolanas, I.” Sagurong: An Anthology of Contemporary Bikol Poetry. Kristian Sendon Cordero and Paz Verdadez Santos, eds. Manila: De La Salle University Press, 2011.
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