Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Creative Writing

Creative Writing institutionalizes apprenticeship, the manner by which young writers learn their craft from more experienced writers, and the workshop, by which they learn from their peers. By putting these methods alongside the academic study of literary and critical texts, the creative process, and the pertinent contexts that influence literary production, the program aims to produce writers who are competent in the craft of their chosen genre specialty (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or drama) while remaining aware of literature’s place and influence in one’s life and one’s society.

Areas of Interest

  • Creative Writing and Literature
  • Genres of Writing
  • Philippine Literature
  • Theories of Writing
  • The Novel and Other Book-length Works
Career Opportunities
Aside from being practitioners of literature, BFA CW graduates are qualified to work in publications as writers and editors; in the creative industry, public relations, and advertising as copywriters and content developers; and in media and entertainment as journalists, scriptwriters, and producers as well as in the academe as teachers of language and literature. Graduates are also qualified to move on to law school.