Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Information Design

Information Design roots its relevance in problem solving through the effective presentation of relevant information so that it can best be received, understood, and utilized by a target audience. Design and communication theories contextualize and inform the students’ education in graphic design procedures and techniques. The program provides its students with opportunities to develop their own skills in design which they are tasked to use in attaining specific goals that can aid personal growth, growth in industry, and change in society.

Areas of Interest

  • Information Architecture
  • Design Theory and Procedures
  • Design for Print and Web
  • Branding and Identity
  • Philippine Design History
Career Opportunities

BFA ID graduates are qualified to work in advertising, marketing, media, corporate communications, and publishing. They can work as freelance designers or for design studios who offer services such as the creation of marketing collaterals, the conceptualization of corporate and personal branding, and the development of interfaces for software and websites.

BFA Information Design - Official Curriculum (Starting SY 18-19)