LOLARGA, Erlinda Eileen G. “Eileen”

Part Time
Contact No.: 

I have been with the Ateneo de Manila University for over 35 years in various capacities, i.e. graduate student, researcher/psychometrician, Trainor/Administrative Officer at the  Human Resources Center (now CORD), Researcher at the Ateneo Wellness Center, Assistant to the Academic Vice President for International Programs under the Office of the President, Writer for OD and HR books under Ateneo CORD and lecturer at the Psychology Department and currently, lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Areas of Specialization: 

M.A. Social Psychology, PhD Courses in Social Psychology, Child & Family Studies

Professional Association & Recognition: 

ALSFA, ASF Scholar, GSIS Scholar


Thirty Five Year 

University Service Awardee Ateneo de Manila University 2019


Twenty Five Year Ateneo de Manila

University Service Awardee University               2010  

James Culligan/MERALCO Ateneo de Manila 

Award for Outstanding University                       1995

Employee (Professional Category)


James Culligan Memorial Ateneo de Manila

Award for Outstanding University                         1989


(Professional category)      

Courses Taught: 

(Undergraduate Level) Psychology 101, Industrial Psychology with Group Dynamics, IS 151 - 152 (Senior Thesis), IS 134.6 (Junior Thesis), Family Dynamics Course (Elective), Group Dynamics and Small Group Communication Course (Elective), InTACT course for freshmen

Research Interest: 

Child and Family Studies, HR and OD practice, mental health issues of adolescents


Organizational Development Practice in the Philippines (vignette writer), HR Practice in the Philippines (in progress, Talent Acquisition chapter co-writer), 

Lolarga, Erlinda Eileen G. 1990.  Filipinos' attitudes and perceptions toward Subic

     Naval Base: Social   psychological implications. Philippine  Journal of            

        Psychology, 23, 19   29.


____________________________. 1991. Attitudes and   perceptions of  Filipinos

  towards an American Naval Base: An   exploratory  study. Uncle Sam in 

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      Work Conference   1989), D.H. Rubinstein and V. L. Dames  (Eds.), 51 65.


___________________________.  1988.  Social implications  of U.S. military bases in

the Philippines: A preliminary report. U.S. military bases: Issues and alternatives, Conference Proceedings No. 1. Quezon City:  Center for Social Policy and Public Affairs, 37 53.



Bernas, R.S. and E.G. Lolarga (Eds.) 1985. Our nation in crisis: A psychological

perspective (Papers read at the 21st Annual Convention of the Psychological

Association of the Philippines, Manila, August 8 9, 1984).


Published Personal Essays                                               


Lolarga, Erlinda Eileen G.  2006. How to handle stress at  work. Diabetes Watch,

May - August, Year  XXIII, No. 2.


______________________. 2007. Managing Stress, Keeping Fit, Getting There. Diabetes

Watch. May - August, Year XXIV, No. 2.

Bolipata, Rica (Editor). 2011. Hope Springs: Thirty Six Years of  the Ateneo Scholarship Foundation. (Includes  Personal   Essay on ASF Scholar Experience of Erlinda Eileen G. Lolarga and other invited writers). 

University Service and Outreach: 

BS Psychology Pre-Med (UP Diliman), MA Social Psychology (ADMU), PhD units Social Psychology (ADMU) and Child & Family Studies (Miriam College Graduate School)