REYES, Soledad S. “Sol”

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Soledad S. Reyes received degrees from Maryknoll College (BA), Ateneo de Manila Unversity (MA), Essex University (MA), and the University of the Philippines (PhD). She first joined the Department of English in 1969, was appointed Chair of the Department of Filipino (1988-1995), and Chair of the Interdisciplinary Studies (2003-2004). Dr. Reyes was a co-founder of the Ateneo Library of Women’s Writing (ALIWW).
Her research areas include Philippine literary history, criticism, the Tagalog novel, popular culture, especially komiks and films, and women’s writing. As sole author, she has published comprehensive studies of significant but long forgotten writers such as Macario Pineda, Lina Flor and Rosario de Guzman Lingat. Realizing the importance of textbooks, she has prepared three college textbooks. Stressing the need to reach out to teachers and students, she has edited collections of essays on Balagtas, Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere, various aspects of popular culture, archival materials that showcased women’s writing, and studies on the post war political landscape dominated by the Aquinos and popular actors turned politicians. In 2000, she came out with an anthology of Fr. Raul Bonoan’s writing. In 2016, she organized a lecture series to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Fr. Horacio de la Costa. The book came out in 2017.
Within the last ten years, Dr. Reyes has published her English translation of ten Tagalog novels and two volumes of Tagalog short stories. Glimpses into my Beginnings is her translation of Fr. Roque Ferriols’ Sulyap sa Aking Pinanggalingan.
The University conferred the title of Professor Emeritus on Dr. Reyes in 2009.

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  • Senior Seminar I and II
  • Great Books
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches
  • Popular Culture
  • Reading the Romance
  • Otherness in Film and Literature
  • Filipino Novel
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