Rank Name Research Interests Specialization

historical musicology

piano performance, music education, historical musicology

Associate Professor GUEVARA, Marita Concepcion Castro. “Marichi”

Qualitative and participatory research methods in understanding poverty; Urban Poverty and Informal Settlements; Women and Gender; Children and Youth; Changing forms and patterns and challenges of contemporary Filipino Families; Popular Culture (particularly depictions of gender and poverty issues in Philippine cinema) 

Qualitative Research, Participatory Poverty Assessment, Urban Poverty and Informal Settlements, Women and Gender, Children and Youth, Popular Culture

Lecturer ILAGAN, Cecile Angela A. “Tey”

Instructor INDIAS,Joi Marie Angelica, M

Human-Centered Design, Intersections of Design, Public Policy, Governance, and Social Change

Human-Centered Design, Social Design, Graphic Design, Political Communication

Assistant Professor JUGO, Celeste Aida A. “Cyan”

Fiction, Fantasy, Narrative, Youth Culture

Creative Writing, Anglo-Am Lit, Children's and Young Adult Literature