Casa Bayanihan

Alternative to the JTA


Casa Bayanihan is an alternative study abroad program organized by the University of San Francisco for students from Jesuit universities in the United States. Each semester, a group of American university students comes to the Philippines for a semester, undergoing an experiential learning program with four components: accompaniment (immersion with disadvantaged and marginalized communities), academics (classes taught by Ateneo and USF teachers), community (simple community living), and spirituality (prayer and spiritual direction).


Ateneans may participate in Casa Bayanihan as an alternative to the JTA program.  Successful applicants will be fully integrated into the Casa Bayanihan community for an entire semester, living with the rest of the Casa Bayanihan students in Barangka (and thus experiencing the benefit of cross-cultural exchange), visiting the praxis areas twice a week, and attending classes with the other Casa Bayanihan students.  Casa Bayanihan follows the American academic calendar, and the semester will begin in January and end in May.