Interested Students

For the full list of Summer Term Abroad 2017 destination universities, click HERE.


Key Dates for SOH JTA Spring 2018

17 October 2016 - Deadline for Letter of Intent and Application Fee, for students currently in their sophomore year.

Please leave your letters in the designated box in the waiting area of the Department of Philosophy, 2/F Dela Costa Hall.
To pay the application fee, take one slip from the envelope beside the drop box and present the slip to the Cashier (Xavier Hall). After paying, submit the pink copy of your receipt to the designated box in the waiting area of the Department of Philosophy.
What should your letter of intent contain?
  • Address it to Dr. Benilda Santos, Dean, School of Humanities.
  • It should signify your intent to apply for the SOH JTA Spring 2018 program; if you want to briefly explain why you want to join the program, you may do so.
  • It should be noted by both your parents and your home department's chair/undergraduate coordinator/academic adviser.
    • If you're a dormer, you may ask your Residence Hall's adviser/legal guardian to sign for your parents. Remember, it is your responsibility to inform your parents of your intention to apply to the JTA Program.

3 April 2017 - Submission of JTA Application  

Please leave your application packets in the designated box in the waiting area of the Department of Philosophy, 2/F Dela Costa Hall, and sign up for an interview/IPS consultation session on the sign up sheet beside the drop box.

Last two weeks of April 2017 - Interviews and IPS Consultations

First week of May 2017 - Release of initial decisions

Intersession 2017 - Release of school assignments and deadline for confirmation

Second Semester, SY2017-2018 - Term Abroad (Usually January - May, but actual dates may vary depending on destination university)


Key Dates for SOH STA Intersession 2017

15 February 2017 - Submission of STA Application 

Please leave your application packets in the designated box in the waiting area of the Department of Philosophy, 2/F Dela Costa Hall.

April 2017 - Release of final school assignments and deadline for confirmation 

May to July 2017 - Term Abroad (actual dates vary depending on destination university)

Application Requirements for SOH Study Abroad Programs 2017-2018
(for both Junior Term and Summer Term Abroad; a PDF version of this list is downloadable below)

Required Documents

  1. Download and complete the Study Abroad Application Form. Discuss your plans with your Department Chair (or department undergraduate/academic coordinator) and obtain his/her signature endorsing your application, to be affixed at the end of the Application Form.
    For JTA Applicants, you have to have submitted a letter of intent last October, and taking Ph101 this semester, to be eligible for application.
  2. Request your Department Secretary for a print-out of an AISIS-generated copy of your grades (PDF), signed by your Department Secretary.
  3. Undergo a general medical examination at LS Health Services (includes interview and tests) and obtain a medical certificate attesting to your good health. 
  4. Prepare a simple CV.
  5. Prepare copies of creative works, or a copy of a marked and graded research/reflection paper.
  6. Download and sign with your parent/primary guardian the Terms and Conditions Forms for all JTA or STA schemes to which you are applying.
  7. Download and have an Ateneo teacher (preferably a teacher in one of your majors) complete the Recommendation Form.


  • Print and photocopy the first six requirements.
  • Put all originals, plus the seventh requirement (Recommendation Form), in a large brown envelope. Put all the copies in another large brown envelope labelled “COPIES” at the back.  
  • Across the front of each envelope, write your full name, year and course, and the words “2016-2017 Study Abroad Application – JTA” “2016-2017 Study Abroad Application – STA” as the case may be. Do not seal the brown envelopes. 
  • Submit the brown envelopes on or before the deadline. Deadline for STA Applications is on 15 February 2017; for JTA Applications, 3 April 2017. To submit, leave both envelopes in the designated drop box at the Department of Philosophy, and sign up for your interview (for STA) and interview + IPS consultation (for JTA).


Downloads for the Application Process