The Present and Future of Spanish and the Royal Spanish Academy

July 20, 2017
(Left to right) Ms. Luisa young, Mr. Renán Prado, Dr. Lulu  Brillantes, Ms. Heide Aquino,Dr. Luigi Romanillos, Ms. Chita Rosales, Dr. Von Totanes, Dr. Prieto, Mr. Fernando Zapico, Dr. Guillermo Gomez-Rivera, Mr. José Rodríguez Rodríguez .

“The Philippines, through her historical ties with Spain and  the former colonies of South America, Cuba, and Mexico, the United States, and  her geographical location in Asia, is certainly in the best position to establish a niche in the global economy and culture”  asserted Dr. Darío Villanueva Prieto, current Director of the Royal Spanish Academy, during his lecture at the Loyola Schools, July 6 ,2017  at the Faura AVR, before a group of students, faculty,  and members of the Academia Filipina de la Lengua Española.  The promotion of the rich Hispanic heritage, through the spread of the Spanish language, can benefit the   future directions of the country, both in trade relations with the Hispanic region, as well as in the dissemination of culture. Dr. Villanueva urged the students to learn the language, which, at present, “is the second most spoken language in the world.”

The role of the Royal Spanish Academy, Dr. Villanueva, stated, “is to be the protector of the Spanish language, and to set the standard for the correct use of the language.  It is also   tasked to look into specific nuances of the Spanish language in the Spanish speaking communities, and endorses the inclusion of words in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy.  Dr. Villanueva mentioned that the web page of the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy receives some 9,000,000 queries daily.

Ms. Chita Rosales welcomes Dr. Dario Villanueva Prieto to the Ateneo. After the open forum, Ms. Rosales presents Dr. Prieto with a token of appreciation.

An open forum followed the lecture of Dr. Villanueva.  A simple luncheon, attended by Fr. José M. Cruz, S.J., Vice-President   for University and Global Relations, Dr. Von Totanes, Director, Rizal Library, Mr.  José Fernando Zapico, Educational Adviser of the Embassy of Spain, Dr. Jonathan Chua, Dean of the School of Humanities, Dr. Emmanuel Luis Romanillos, Director of the Academia Filipina de la Lengua Española, among its members, Dr. Guillermo Gomez-Rivera, Dr. Lourdes Brillantes, José Rodríguez Rodríguez, and Renán Prado, faculty from other universities, and, from the School of Humanities.

The lecture of Dr. Darío Villanueva Prieto marks the first of  the lecture series  by the Department of Modern Languages for School year 2017-2018.