Degree Programs


Major in Philosophy

The philosophy program follows a curriculum that is strong in building these skills: fidelity to the depth and complexity of the truth, rigorous reflection, and insightful discussion. It allows the students to hone these skills in the academic engagement of philosophers and systems of philosophy; or philosophical studies in the realm of politics and law; applied ethics, society and culture; or culture, art, and literature.

Major in Pre-Divinity

Offering a concentration in Humanities and Philosophy, the pre-divinity program prepares students for graduate-level theology as well as for careers in Presbyterate, and ultimately, for ordination to priesthood. It also prepares future priests and theologians for leadership in the renewal of the country?s Christian life by helping them to reflect critically and better understand the complexities of the modern world, including structures within Philippine society.


M.A. Program

MA students in the department are given a program of study that will both advance their skills as researchers and teachers. With only three required subjects (namely advanced metaphysics, epistemology, and methods of researcher) and eight free electives, graduate students at this level can design their own curriculum based on their interests. These subjects give them a firm grounding in the history of philosophy and in the thoughts of major thinkers mainly from Asia and Europe.


M.A. Thesis Option

Our MA thesis option further develops the skill of the graduate student as researcher. With this program, they are given the chance to write an extended commentary on a philosopher or theme so that they learn to research and write as scholars in philosophy. Our non-thesis option on the other hand is for those who wish to focus their training on building their teacher skills. This is a terminal MA which substitutes the thesis for 9 units more of classes.


M.A. in Teaching Philosophy

The department offers a terminal MA for teachers. This Masters in Teaching Philosophy is designed to be completed in four summers with each summer offering a module that will help teachers in seminaries and universities to teach the particular courses that they offer. Here, the focus is not so  much on building scholarly skills but on building teaching skills specific to the curriculum of Filipino universities.


PhD Program

The PhD program is designed to train scholars to produce original philosophical research. With a balance of classroom work and seminar style courses (many of which focus on intensive discussion on primary texts and original student projects) the doctoral students are given an opportunity to hone their skills as researchers mainly on the history of philosophy, social and political thought, ethics, and themes in continental, Asian, and Filipino thought and culture.  Each doctoral student is made to specialize in a field of research and is guided by the faculty to build their own research agenda. They are also given a chance to apprentice with a senior faculty member to develop their teaching and research skills.