Admissions and Scholarship



Applicants to FIRE must meet the following requirements in addition to those of the OADGP:

  1. They should have taken 12 units of undergraduate theology or their equivalent.
  2. They should be currently employed as a religious educator teacher or equivalent.
  3. They should have obtained a letter of support/permission from their supervisor or superior.
  4. They should have undergone interview with the FIRE Coordinator and a second faculty member.

The FIRE Coordinator and a second FIRE faculty member will evaluate the application materials and conduct the interview. Admission to the program is decided on the basis of the applicant’s potential to benefit from FIRE’s demanding academic program and to contribute to improving Religious Education and Catechesis as individual teachers, leaders of institutions, producers of quality catechetical materials.


Additional requirements for admission to the Master of Arts in Religious Education (thesis):

Students interested in pursuing the M.A. in Religious Education must pass a screening process during their first term in FIRE. This usually involves the writing of a research paper for a course taken in their first term in FIRE (RELED 201, 202, or 211). At the end of the semester, the instructor of the designated course informs the FIRE Coordinator of the students’ grade for the research paper and together with the Coordinator, evaluates the student’s preparedness for doing thesis research and writing.


The students will then be informed within the next semester (1st Sem) of their acceptance into the M.A. in Religious Education and will be helped through the process of shifting to that degree.


Eligibility for Scholarship


FIRE scholars receive funding from two sources:

  1. the OADGP’s 50% Tuition Fee scholarship that covers 50% of the tuition fee for coursework enrollment for students who meet their requirements for eligibility and agree with their conditions. (Refer to the Graduate Student Handbook 2019 Edition, pp. 20-21 for the specific provisions.) This scholarship is granted on a semestral basis.
  2. the FIRE Scholarship which covers the other 50% of the tuition fee for coursework and the rest of the fees; and for students pursuing the degree of Master of Arts in Religious Education, 100% of the tuition fee for Thesis Writing 1 and Thesis Writing 2;
  3. Upon acceptance to the FIRE Program, the student must sign a contract stipulating the following terms of the FIRE Scholarship:
    • The student must complete the degree within the Loyola Schools’ residency time limit (5 years for the Master in Religious Education, 7 years for the Master of Arts in Religious Education).
    • The student must pay the full tuition and other fees or the resulting tuition differential for retaken, replaced, or refresher courses.
    • The student must pay the tuition and other fees for willful withdrawal from the courses enrolled under the scholarship.




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