Roncal, Raoul Dominic R.

Full Time
Administrative Position: 

Faculty Adviser for SOH Sanggu


MA Theological Studies, Loyola School of Theology.

Areas of Specialization: 
Apolegetics, Benedict XVI's Christology, C.S. Lewis'e Apologetics
Professional Association & Recognition: 
President of Christ’s Youth in Action, Regional Mission
Director of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon
Courses Taught: 
Th 121 An Introduction to Doing a Catholic Theology
Th 151 The Catholic Commitment of Today's Filipino: A Synthesis
Th 161.9.1 Theological Perspectives: A Vision For Christianity According to the World of Fantasy Literature
Research Interest: 
Benedict XVI’s Christology, Biblical Theology of John, Current Issues in Apologetics e.g. Can you prove the existence of God in a predominantly “scientific” worldview?, C.S. Lewis' Christian Perspective in his Creative Works (e.g. The Narnia Chronicles)